[GLOBAL] Mark all as read



  • R.boosto nrg

    ill go one further just dont even notify me of unread server posts in the first place, that should be an option. have the number thing just show unread dms.

  • Lazy Kun (Prince)

    Wow good Idea


  • CamTheHelpDesk
    Put this button in Account Settings
  • Pharahmedic

    It wouldn't be so needed if there weren't such an artificial delay between reading. I'm in more than 10 servers and to mark em all as read takes way too long because after using Mark as read about 5 times it won't let you do it again for another 3 minutes or so.

  • Spud
    I like this idea but I can kinda see why it hasn't been added yet
  • Ramza66

    I would really like this to be implemented.

  • NilWo

    This exists already. Right click on server icon and "Mark as read"

  • etzy

    This would be fantastic for those of us with a huge server list to scroll through. Clicking through all of the servers gets to be too much after a certain point.

  • Larsenv

    This is already a thing

  • Debatra

    While we're at it, how about a global "Mark Everything as Read" function?

  • nuclear microwave

    We all need this button and on mobile you can't mark as read a entire server

  • GHOST in the MACHINE

    I've left servers and blocked people for abusing role mentions when I've muted servers. Like a clear ping button would be great. What would be even better is that when you've muted servers, you don't still get pings from role mention abuse....

  • Suspense
    would be very usefull
  • sergeif


  • Suspense
    very good idea
  • mason!
    This can already be done by right clicking the server and marking it as read.
  • Anonymous9978

    I think that's already there.

  • wolfpat

    not on android

  • corkscrew bigga

    I am a member in well over 30 servers and in many of them there is spam and pings which stack up fast over time. I don't read all of these unnecessary messages, so I just let it collect over time, and on many of them there is sometimes 50+ pings.

    I don't want to go and right click and each of the server to click mark as read. I wish I could right click on the Discord home icon, and click Mark all servers as Read. This would be a super great feature. And it would add more right click functions, because currently right clicking the discord home icon in browser displays the usual right click menu of browsers.

  • IndianaParkWars

    This should definitely be a feature

  • ℳ𝓊𝒻𝒻𝓁ℯ_𝒜𝓊ℋ

    Forgot one thing.


    4) Server options to do the functions mentioned in point 2.

  • Shubamz

    And make sure it comes to all platforms including mobile please

  • Wumpus.js#8134

    Shubamz --> it's a proposition ... I can not do it

  • Costpap
    Just press Shift + Esc on all servers, thank me later
  • mesub
    Love the idea. However I think it should be rate limited to every 5-10 minutes or higher.
  • FG

    Yep. I need it too.

  • abuse ˢ ᵗ ᵉ ʷ

    This post is here for like a year and still nothing happened. :(

  • vinn

    yeah i brought this idea awhile ago and still haven’t seen it implemented :/

  • Umut A.

    You can mute your phone during class.

  • Lyarrah

    Yes, please. Normally I can keep up with most the servers I'm in, but there are sometimes when I can't log in for 2-3 days and have to manually go through so many servers to mark as read because it's just not worth trying to catch up...


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