[GLOBAL] Mark all as read



  • Blad

    A slight fix to this:
    Put every server in a folder. May take a while.
    Then right click on that folder and select mark all as read. Boom! Simple fix.

  • Blad

    Good News! You can do this on discord now. Here's how to do it.

    Same as pings, go to your inbox.

    Click the double check mark, and boom! All your unread messages are gone.


  • Debatra

    So is that mobile-only or something?

  • fg

    I didnt find this feature on my Anroid app even after manual update - what i'm doing wrong and where I can find it?

  • Jay ♡

    Omg yes. I need this, especially on mobile!

  • wadesworld2112

    Agreed, this would be a great feature.

  • alex.roumi

    I agree with this idea


  • glitterghosty

    It’s a joke at this point that you don’t offer this. I’d rather use weechat if given the option.

  • havocentral

    Ouch, 3 years and still no implementation. That hurts I have hundreds of notifications and no patience to clear them all individually from my 20ish servers



  • Lucky

    maybe also when you rap tge clear all button it gives you a screen where you can tap out some specific channels and enable @mention clears in specific places

  • DonZeriouS

    Is this feature maybe behind a paywall? If you are in dozens of servers (here nearby the 100 serverlimit without nitro), then it's just annoying to not have this feature. Also desireable for the desktop client.


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