Text Terminal Client



  • Syborg64

    Bump. It's absurd that it's not supported

  • /dev/null

    Welcome to the age of anti-minimalism. Why open anything from the terminal instantaneously when you can wait 15 seconds for it to open, install some mystery update, and suffer through a laggy, molasses-coated user interface? This is the current state of the software industry.

    The reason for this, is that small, simple programs (like a basic terminal client) are very easy to understand and duplicate, so nobody would pay for them. There is no money to be made with simple software, and thus software companies must engineer their applications to be as obscure and complex as possible.

    Unless there's a "nitro" feature to enable it and the company can make money, they don't care, and they view it as a threat to their profit margin. That is why it is banned.

    This service is aimed at gamers (read: Windows users) who will not typically understand or care about using the terminal.

  • Minecraftchest1

    I am liking discord less and less. There is a server that I am active in that I may try to convince to move to a different platform (with a bridge bot of course).

  • Bennett

    bump I too would like to have discord in the terminal

  • christianparpart

    I hate doing :+1:'s, but here it actually does make sense to raise the imporance of this. There are open source versions out there but I have been told that people fear getting banned when using/developing them? In official statement on that matter would certainly help at least. :-)

  • Jason't

    an official tui would be very convenient. bump

  • rtech

    This really needs to happen. Bump!

  • Holo the Drunk

    This would be fantastic. Bump!

  • Timony Crickett

    Bump!! Please give us a TUI/CLI solution or allow us to use the third party TUI/CLI apps out there!!!

  • Tomm

    Bump! Tui is a must! Let's do it :)

  • Cosmic Lamanite

    This is a phenomenal idea, bump bump bump!

  • dex



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