Give Pruning an "are you sure you want to do this" before the prune goes through



  • chloroform chloe

    You need to click prune, select what option you need to do, then prune. How could this be an accident?

  • Alkaris

    Change it to a Big Red Button with a warning message that you are about to prune members from your server.

    [ Prune ]
    "WARNING: ⚠ You are about to prune 15.5k people from your server, are you sure you wish to do this? (This cannot be undone.) ⚠"

    Additional Options:

    Prune members with specific roles -

    - @everyone (with no roles assigned)
    - @role1
    - @role2
    - @role 3

    [ × ] Also delete comments of pruned members

    Enter 2FA Code to proceed:

    [ No, cancel this action ] - [ Yes I'm sure! ]


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