Ping notification button auto-scroll



  • Permanently deleted user
    Would love to see this! Would be useful!
  • Wrythley


    The Mentions List does not seem to include mentions you haven't read— even when you've marked the channel as read by right clicking or scrolling to the bottom —so you still have to search and search until you find what you were pinged about.

  • jo

    Good idea!

  • kabii

    While this isn't a bad idea at all, I want to point out that there is in fact already a "recent mentions" button which makes it far easier to find a mention than scrolling through the "sea of messages" =)

  • h.

    Perfect idea. Wanted this for a long time. However, instead of jumping to each ping separately, why not opening an overlay on the screen and the option to jump to the pings? Or, we can have both, with a toggle to switch from jumping from ping to ping or getting an overlay.


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