Better Server Management Tools



  • chloroform chloe

    Dming everyone in that server at once is stupid. Many users would get annoyed and aggrevated. What would you do if my bot started randomly dming you nonsense? Just use @everyone. Also "View Audit Log" is already a permission.

  • OmegaHam

    Chloroform Chloe

    I didn’t say audit log I sayed something to view statistics that is like or included in the audit log! And as for the DM’s everyone well it was small part and besides I listed a specific use case!


    While not as convenient as being baked in, Statbot is an up-and-coming Statistics bot with an amazing dev and support team! Updates are made rapidly and there's both the dashboard and the bot to interact with. Come check it out if you're still interested in statistics of your server~


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