add a translate to messages



  • alex345

    Ye i like the idea to eliminate language barrier. So that maximum participants in our server. A user can choose his/her native language at role verification, after that he/she can get message in his/her language and can send message, which will again translated to server language.

  • translateme

    Thanks for replying, would you be interested in developing a bot to use our current languages. 

  • DisColow

    I really need an option that appears with right click allowing me to translate any message from a foreign language. I'm not going to explain how it could be done since discord's developers are quite good at it.

  • Akson

    Ну когда уже будет перевод? Автопереводчик уже обязательная опция везде есть, даже в простейших.
    сделайте встроенный в Дискорд переводчик. Надоело копировать и вставлять текст в сторонние переводчики. Дискорд все таки всемирный - пора переводчик встраивать.

    Вот тут я нажал перевести (или выделенное перевести) и нормально общаюсь и читаю всех. И это простой форум. А крутой Дискорд не может такой простой функции

  • kornes

    +1, will be very useful for multilanguage servers, even as Nitro-only feature.

  • Barri2410

    Upvote, YouTube already done this (and quite successful, IMO)

  • I need this.
    My Community is really mulilingual.
    I have people from germany, amerika, spain, vietnam and more in there and not everyone is able to understand the language of the others.

    Currently we try to get by with english and google translate, but this would make ot so much easier and better.

    Please implement this. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook already have it.


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