Server Message Retention Policy (e.g. delete messages older than a year)



  • ElementsOfChaos

    A custom Discord bot could easily handle this issue (atleast from the outside). However, i'm sure records of the deleted messages are still on Discord's servers.

  • Wayne

    I actually agree with this. This definitely should be added for extra security. @discord please make this happen. 

  • shesh

    This would be a great way to stop lives from being ruined. Removing usernames to "anonymize" messages does almost nothing in practice.

  • Hunterprime

    I would like to add in addition to server level retention, Doing granular retention per channel would be great.

  • KitDrago

    I would like to add support for records retention policies and data guarantee on servers.  We run a non-profit org and many of my volunteers prefer discord over slack.  However, because we have to keep records of conversations for years.   This has to be guaranteed and also that a dump of all our retained data will be made to us in the (hopefully never) event that discord shuts down.

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