Upload Video 8 MB




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    Dabbit Prime
    This is a dupe of https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360031101592, so I'm closing this out. If you'd like to have your voice heard please upvote that suggestion!
  • megannnjay
    In the meantime, Nitro or Nitro Classic would allow you to upload files up to 50 mb. Alternatively, you could upload to an external site and link it
  • marshall
    buy discord nitro
  • Blastoise186
    The 8mb upload limit is set for non Nitro users, however there is a 50mb upload limit for Nitro users. I believe the limits are set up this way to help manage server load and resource usage. Discord isn't really meant to be a file or video hosting service, but there are ways to share videos into Discord without running into limits
  • Starfield_9
    Not to mention discord supports playing youtube videos in the client itself (on desktop), and youtube allows almost any size or length of video.

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