Search User Settings



  • chiarisx1

    Where are the user settings


  • 小路綾

    Yes, that would actually be useful, specially when they add new settings.

    For those who are confused by the name, the user settings are what you open when you click this button.

    I also believe the server settings menu could have a search bar.

  • Sketti


  • Mutant

    VLC has had this for many years and it is very useful. Windows has tried to copy it recently and it's useless. Whenever either there are more categories than the user has attention for, or settings are haphazardly distributed so that manually locating them is futile, a search system like this saves the day.

  • Lode

    I see this is an old request but something I think Discord's userbase could really benefit from, especially considering the menu has grown considerably since this request was originally made. Some keyword search feature within discord settings would go a long way for those who would like to find that one elusive setting.

    Just thought I'd add my voice to this very old topic :).


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