Make Role Permissions a Tree Instead of a Flat List



  • ChompPlaysOfficial

    I didn't know what this was at first, but after reading the description, it sounds great!

  • FelisNoctu

    I second this. I mocked something up, this roughly what you're looking for in terms of appearance? 


    Edit: Another one, this time with the active channel edge-bar indicator showing the mic status on the connected server instead of a small icon. 



    Also see similar: fireundubh's Multiple channel columns layout / multiple channel columns per server

    I plan on doing a mock-up or two in various styles for that one tomorrow.

  • KZ5EE

    FelisNoctu:  That's what I was thinking exactly.

  • Active Diamond

    Yes, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have dozens of servers, all of which I'd like to keep, and it's a struggle going through them, and staying up to date with everything!

  • wAffles
    this is something I've wanted for a while, and you put it together perfectly. A tree makes more sense for the way Discord works, allow multiple roles to be on the same level
  • Alexandra

    The problem is, Discord is marketed for anyone to use the platform and adding a tree system, not everyone will understand it. I agree the tree layout would be much easier. 


    Quick thourght: what if instead of getting rid of the flat system add a button in the permissions Beginner/Expert then it will switch between the two  

  • Tank_you_all

    A variant of the tree structure would be a nice implementation of this sort of function.

  • TheLifeIsYours

    I'd also like a way to flip the layout direction of the server list, I like to keep my most often used servers at the bottom of the list instead, and it's a hassle to have to scroll to the top to get to dm's

    I know it's a self made problem, but it's a way of feeling more comfortable, and better layout freedom would help with that a lot.

  • Mnc

    I would also like more granularity. The current system where everything is either greater than or less than is not ideal. And I don't think that roles should always be additive. It can be useful at times, but I would like to be able to toggle it off.


    I would prefer if you could set a "power" on a role, like you assign priority to stuff elsewhere in computing. So a role with power 100 would be a higher role than one with power 50 for instance. Could limit the amount of power granularity in how big of an integer you allow. 

  • perringaiden

    @Alexandra - The current flat system is a tree with only one branch per level.  So Beginner vs Advanced would be easy to implement by simply restricting it to "Can only create one branch at each level".

  • Akki
    This might work on PCs, however i don't see how it'll work on Smartphone clients
  • !Xanor

    would love this feature with half the icon sizes..

  • Trippenson

    Not only that, it's easy to only create base levels for people to use and then have a deeper level people can utilize.


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