Image spoiler for mobile



  • Kasaman

    We have been asking for this simple feature for a year now come on discord staff

  • phlvy

    For IOS
    1. take the photo and save it to your files
    2. go to files and tap the name of the photo to change it using the SPOILER_(whatever name you want)
    3. share the file through the files app

    For Android
    1. go to files
    2.rename the photo file with "spoiler_(name)"
    3. the photo is now renamed and you can share it on discord

  • dfmatos

    but renaming the file is a very uncomfortable situation
    this is a very old function, it should already exist in mobile

  • Metzgirl

    PLEASE! I rarely have my desktop available and there images on my phone I'd rather not have to download to my computer just to spoiler tag. The work-arounds I've seen aren't functioning because Google in their INFINITE WISDOM decided to make it impossible to change the name of an image on my phone. Thanks Google. 

  • GhostWolfe 狼憑

    I am seeing more and more users who only have Discord on the mobile.  These people have no need for a computer; either their mobile does what they need, or they have a tablet that does.  It is well past time that Discord gave parity between versions a higher priority.

  • Rainbow_Lucy

    So a lot of people are saying to rename the file to have SPOILER_ in the beginning, but I made undertale fanart that is a spoiler for the game and I renamed it to "SPOILER_Flowey.png" but it still didn't do anything, I'm on an amazon silk tablet btw

  • Dust Trail

    I’ve found it does work on iPhone ya just need to add the image to ya Files app, rename ya pic in their to SPOILER_[picture name] then use the share feature from the Files app to discord

  • SSTobius

    Again, renaming the photos is a hassle. We would like to have something like on the desktop version where you can simply click a box to spoiler an image

  • Cr4shMyCar

    I seriously don’t know why this isn’t a thing yet. Adding a checkbox or letting you type /spoiler to spoiler an image on mobile isn’t that big of a task, right?

  • Animalover4six

    Every time there is a new update introducing new feature(whether totally new or new to mobile) they still don’t give us spoiler images...come on!!

  • Michael_Calehorn

    this totally hasn't been necro posted a few times, but a easier work around is going into your webapp, logging into discord on there and setting it to desktop view and doing it through there, a lot faster than re naming the file and all these other work arounds.



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