Mass DM for Server Owner



  • Jоsh


    I understand how you could use this feature, but abuse (ads in DMs) would be made. I think that the good old @everyone announcement in a channel that everyone can see would do pretty much the same thing.

    If it is made, I recommend the possibility for people, in the server privacy settings, to enable or disable those message.

  • johntanay1314


  • Brody Merritt

    Listen, I agree with Josh, but the issue is that people can disable everyone, here, and role notifications which can lead to inactive members not getting the messages. Therefore, not resolving the issue of the inactive members, I agree strongly with EarthToAccess in that, people could easily use this for spam. But in that case, they could block the bot, or system that is messaging everyone. Or mute it in general if it becomes an issue of abuse. But we have 304 inactive members and want to easily mass-message them to get them back online seen as they've been inactive for the extended period of time, without a LOA. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Brody.


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