A way to stay online



  • Shiro

    would be very cool, if this was implemented

  • Jоsh


    I think that would be useful, especially for mobile users, as, if they play a game on mobile, are shown as offine on Discord.

  • Kukailmoku

    I use discord on my laptop with voice activation. I play games on my desktop. I get kicked to afk so much from lack of activity on my laptop, which is right in front of me! I haven't left I'm still here! Please make this a thing! So many times I will have discord minimized to tray and be looking at chrome or something else and not realize I've been punted to afk. This is soooo annoying! 

  • obliviondoll

    I often have myself (and have a couple of friends who I see the same result from) showing as "offline" while using the desktop app. It happens in line when when the AFK timer SHOULD be marking us as "away" (which I'd prefer to be able to adjust the timing for, and/or remove entirely), but it is instead making us show, at least to some people, as being offline rather than simply AFK.

  • Astro

    Jоsh, if an andrioid user that was using discord left discord to go play a game, let's say Minecraft for example, their status would show, "Playing Minecraft on {android device name}".  This does not work with IOS users though, just for android. I know that this thread is old, but I just wanted to let you know this. 



  • Sloth

    If you want to be *always* online try this Slothing - Home Office (https://www.slothing.net/), it works great for me, now my boss is no longer complainingabout me being away for extended periods of time :)

  • 绝地武士 Jedi

    Sloth,just now I click into the link,but,it is like this can you help me?

  • obliviondoll

    Messages like that one are the kind of message that most people who have any internet experience have learned not to trust. Because before the site got taken down, presumably for being a scam site... well, it was probably a scam site, which means it was going to steal your data or your Discord account. Don't click links when you don't trust the source.


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