Administrative roles



  • Sledgend

    This is a bad idea. administrators are the giants of the server. Allowing this would create chaos in a multitude of servers that are already created.

  • GradientWizzard

    Understandable, but you trust your team don't you? If not then they shouldn't be Admins. They should have more control over there own actually rank

  • James Jones

    GradientWizzard Yes, one should only give AP to those they trust, but hear this:

    Let's say I created a server a month or so ago. It's going great with the whole chain of command and hierarchy in place. I have a few admins, but they don't all have the same role. they each have certain administrative privileges. If this feature were to be implemented, an admin could change the privilege of any other admin without consent. Sure, If I trust them to not change each other's role, then it should be fine. However, that's just my point.

    There is a chain of command for a reason. To put order in place. If my staff team is trustworthy, then everything will stay as-is, so there would be no need to have this feature. If my staff team were not trustworthy, then I would try my best to rid Discord of this feature because of the risk of my team abusing it.

    You see, the morality of my admins is irrelevant. Either the feature will not make a difference, or it will have a negative effect. This is not worth Discord's development team's time or effort.


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