Let us see all of the Audit Log's history!



  • .tonite

    I can see all audit log just fine.


  • kinq7441

    I tried to see the ALL past. But i couldn't. And i ticketed to Discord Management. They said nothing to do. But maybe in the future, if you post about that. Thats why i post. So, Tonite. How did you see all the past?

  • Knagie

    @tonite Can how far can you go back?

    My limit right now seems to be 29th of January this year, 12th of February on another server but not more than that.


    I agree on this idea, some people might have changed their name back from something offensive to something normal 4 or 5 months and now they are again using an offensive name, then I would like to know that so I can reprimand them for making the same mistake again, you can't look it back up in Audit log right now. I use a bot to have an unofficial Audit log in a hidden channel, it's less easy to look through but at least I can look up past incidents by using the search function.



    Currently, I have a pretty big problem with the Audit Log being limited, And it's not like it always was, Just a few months back I could see back up to 5 months. But the problem is that a staff member gave a bunch of people really high-up roles while I was on break, Luckily they didn't do anything and I handled it 2 days after when I removed all the roles, However, I looked to the Audit Log to see who did it and it only goes back to yesterday morning, This is a big problem as I don't know who did it and it could be serious trouble in the future.

    Edit 7/1/20: It just randomly dropped to eight hours ago today.

  • Ernest

    Seems like it's based on number of entries, not time since entry.


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