Show offline in smaller channels on servers with over 1000 members



  • Dash01

    I agree, someone could accidentally have access to our staff channels and we'd never know if they just stayed offline all the time

  • Rodry

    I strongly agree with this. I think a per-channel limit instead of a server-wide limit would he way smarter due to situations similar to the one you described

  • The Cryptid Corvid

    I highly agree. Our server relies on the offline list to be able to tell who has and hasn't verified.
    It's frustrating to not be able to do this just because we're a bigger server.

    Like, even if it was made so when a specific channel had less than 1000 users, the user list was shown.

  • LL

    100% agree with the above.  Not being able to see who is in a specific channel is making admin work an absolute nightmare :(


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