The new location detected thing



  • slowtobi

    It indeed is, especially if the email is not send. I really dont understand this "feature"

  • Useless And Depressed Sapphire

    Yes same problem too

  • Carnivour3

    I had to reset my cookies for an in-class experiment (seeing if we can make google give us specific ads), and logging back into Discord was a nightmare because of this. The email wouldn't send the first twenty times I tried.

  • Trxz

    Its very annoying I can't log back in

  • devurandom

    There's a bug in the authentication process if you don't complete and switch OS's. I was locked out for 3 or 4 days, because of this. The email from discord is never sent to authorize the new IP address, in the other OS I was using.
    I tried 10 times over several days but email never gets sent.   Switched back to the first OS, email is sent, and new IP is authorized. now can use it for both OS's.

  • ... Ɱαⱱι ◌ೄ

    its extremely annoying

  • AT

    who the hell is down voting this?

  • Penguin

    What does OS even stand for?

  • mega big sad

    I hadn't been able to get in for like 2-3 days. I clicked "forgot password" it took a couple minutes but finally they both came in and I'm so thankful. I'm hoping this will be helpful for others too. 


    Guys check the email that the address is connected to. I checked mine and verified it.

  • paciic

    At least make it so it permanently remembers your IP address, because I'm locked out of my alt which I have a friend on it I need for this one.

  • SillyPutty

    Please, Please, PLEASE turn off this feature or give me an option to toggle it off. Oh Dear God this is annoying. I clear my browser cookies when the browser shuts down and every day I have to jump through hoops just to login. Every. Single. Day.

  • RedLightning

    This feature is really annoying when trying to log into my alts and with every single one it says “NeW LocATiOn detEcteD cLicK oN THe bUSes In THE imagE oopS trY AgaIn pLEase cHECK YoUr eMail TO VERIFy” with every single damn account every single time

  • Myself

    Same for me it doesn’t even detect the correct Location maybe it was the location of the server idk

  • Gearic

    Why is this still an issue????

  • lea

    I can’t even login anymore, my account will get banned fs for trying too much.. pls anyone. Help?

  • shadowskii

    this is dumb af


  • I tried logging into my alt, the same message popped up. Then, I tried logging into my main (this account), and it automatically lets me. Probably because it remembers me using this account in the different IP address, although the alt is the opposite. I say, trying going somewhere you remember using your alt last, then try logging in! If it doesn't work, then I don't know what else to suggest.

  • dxlerYT

    Change ur password and it will work it worked for me

  • lIl KAMP

    i checked my password 10000000 times it is soooooooooooooo annoying i hate this erro pls some one tell use why it happes

  • AV BOI

    OH MY GOD please remove this feature. Its completely irritating. This happenned thrice previously and i did it but now again it says the same thing just how many times do i have to verify the same IP (i do it on same pc). My alt is on my cousins email because he doesn't use it much he gave it to me every time i gotta ask him to open his mail and verify it for me. Please give an option to toggle this feature OFF.

  • Zaigham Abbas

    Hi everyone! I too have the same problem I like Discord But I hate this ExTrA feature.


  • CircleBoi

    I cant even log on my main cuz gmail dont let me to my main gmail and how i support log in when that stupid feature block me

  • Friend was logged out of her account because of this and she is trying to recover without and email because she didnt have an email to connect to her account. Is it possible to recover her account without and email address?

  • Myself

    Don’t think so. Did she have a phone number registered to the account?


    Yeah this is super annoying pls change it

  • My phone isnt working soo...

    I'm sorry but this is ridiculous i'd rather have someone in my account than not being able to touch it in the first place

  • b_smash

    I thought "check your e-mail" meant for me to make sure that the email address I entered was correct.

    Maybe instead use "a verification email was sent to you" or something.

  • Fire Kehan

    it says ip verification expired even tho it was just sent discord you need to fix this

  • Iman

    If you guys are having a problem with the ip verification expired thingy or having trouble with the captcha all you have to do is go to Gmail and verify your email and you can log back in after that!


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