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  • Values

    I'm late, but I agree with this. When organizing for a 40-man guild on WoW classic or a huge corp for EVE or countless other things, being able to (as an Administrator/GM/CEO) write down notes for people including their race/class combination, write down their join dates, or write down their ship or other useful information would be great.  

    Instead of just notes, however, I'd like tags. It'd be great if I could tag a member with a list of pre-defined tags, for example:  

    [Warrior] [Tank] [DPS] [Tauren] [Tailor] [Engineer] [PvPer] ...

    [T3 Cruiser] [T2 Frigate] [50m-75m SP] ...

    Being able to layer this on top of notes ("Joined 11/05/16", "Bill's friend") would allow for a quick member directory where you could search for players based on tags (view all "[Tailor]" to determine who might have a recipe I need, for example) while simultaneously allowing us to make freeform notes that would not fit the purpose of tags.

  • Emperor Gombles

    100% this, I've been asking for/dreaming of this feature for ages. Having to use "Roles" for so many different tags like Location or things like that is so silly. I just want Server specific tags which can be self or mod set to deal with the low level stuff. I don't want 50 different roles for all the locations of my Climbing server people, or un-@able suffixes in peoples names.

  • Keyon Blackblade

    I really need this for a project i am working on.


  • Lyreks

    I wanna piggyback on this as it would be super useful for multiple In-Game Name/Friend Code management. There's been a ton of times where the best options end up being either changing everyone's server username to reflect their most applicable in-game name, or creating a chat channel where people can post their info. Having a public note below the roles (and options that affect who can change it) might be the best feature to rid my servers of data-collection channels. I could also see a secondary hidden note for moderation purposes being nice, too, but I haven't personally had that much of a need for moderation to that extent.

  • AnonymouslE

    So like, If I host a Dungeons & Dragons server or something, I could go to a user and note that they are a specific character and anything else that applies to them and everyone else could see it? I definitely agree. There are servers with like 50+ information roles so this would make hosting almost any large server easier.

  • TrashTrash

    Old post I know but I think this would really be such a useful feature for a community server, as like a little intro as to what they do and how they can help etc.


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