Direct Message menu having folders that can be hidden when desired



  • Slutekins

    Can a dev confirm if this will ever be implemented?

  • LeopardBunny

    Friend folders PLEASE!!!

  • Faeryl

    I LOVE this idea!!

    I mean MORE features and options for Friends Lists and Direct Messages in general would be awesome!!
    Folks who have replied here need to bring this to the attention of MORE friends, family, co-workers, clients, and everyone!!

  • Mikzoru

    Please make this happen it would make cleaning out my friends list and remembering who everyone is sooo much easier,,

  • Werns


  • rationalduck

    This would be so useful!!

  • 0ttik

    Waiting for this. Server organization is not enough. I want to split my university, work and friends. Ideally to give them different permissions of wether can they see if im online, etc. 

  • septuaries

    bumping this one, too! been looking for a way to organize group chats with friends, since we can't close them like we can for direct messages.

  • Blazekyn


  • XAML Llama

    Yeah, was just looking to see if this was suggested. Server grouping is fine, but I have a lot more DM conversations to organize than servers at the moment...

  • AExcalin

    I'm just curious, do these get visibility and responses? I've been looking for a way to do this for ages, as I forget who people are, how I connected with them, and grouping them would be a huge benefit.

  • ShinoBF

    unfortunately this is not getting enough visibility or interactions. Well, enough to make discord care about this so essencial feature. 

    I woudl love this to happen really really bad, since discord would be one of the first platforms to implement it, and it would just be so much easier for everyone's lifes, peofessionals, students, this would just be the best thing it could happen to anyone who interacts with enough people on the platform!

    This is a feature for the people who use discord the most, pls make it happen. Can a thousand people just see alreadya nd scream at discorddddd! plsss

  • SkarletShadows

    Pls add. would be very useful for business management/interactions 

  • Rath111

    This feature would be amazing to have

  • Hestia

    This feature is needed as soon as possible. I enjoy my Direct Messages organised between different friends and users of specific categories still opened if required instead of endless time scrolling between messages. It gets frustrating to see my Direct Messages unorganised.

  • Faeryl

    It's now the 30th of May, 2023. I can't believe this feature was first requested by ShinoBF on the 19th of April, 2019 and still Discord has not considered adding this feature.

    It can't be too complex a feature to add if folders already exist for servers.
    I was once told Direct Messages are like mini-servers.
    So, why hasn't this already been implemented?

    Folks use Discord for so much MORE than gaming now...

    - You have families using it to stay in touch over long distances.
    - You have secondary and college students using it for school and study groups.
    - You have digital artists using it to stay in contact with their clients.
    - You have Twitch streamers using it to connect more with their audiences directly.
    - You have game studios using it to work remotely with their developer and community teams; all the while staying in touch with their fan bases and content creators.
    - You have companies like Steel Series, Elgato, OBS, StreamElements, using it to stay in touch with their fan bases and content creators.
    - You have every day corporate professionals using it to stay in touch working remotely versus using other platforms for instant communication.

    Wouldn't all these folks I mentioned above benefit from being able to organize their DMs and Group DMs? There has to be more than those of us who have posted here and upvoted here (up to now) that would also want this feature implemented.

    If you're reading this... PLEASE, SHARE THE LINK AND SPREAD THE WORD!!

  • rangsk

    I also am in significant need of this feature. I handle a lot of one-off DMs from people in my various communities seeking support or asking questions. But then I also have ongoing DMs with friends, family, and others that can become difficult to keep track of because they can get bumped down by dozens of people. Having a way to keep the people that are important to me at the top and organized would be hugely beneficial!


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