Add an option to revert the Discord Icons before they got the redesign



  • Valcris

    I absolutely hate the new discord icon. I can appreciate that you guys took into consideration that some people didn't like it necessarily but its more than clear that most people dispise the new redesign because not only did you guys change the icon but the hue of the icon is also changed which was unnecessary and off putting the most to me. It's almost like an imposter identity/ catfish feeling I get from this redesign. Hopefully you guys revert back, thanks.

  • TheYolocast

    Valcris you realize this is a really old post about a different redesign, right?

  • fours

    In my own opinion the new discord icon "Sucks" because it looks very weird and I like the old one because it looks nice but new makes me sad and always dislike the new icon (my opinion also)


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