Pin Specific Discord Servers To Top



  • [YT] on9仔 HK

    yea i think so. theres loads of server above my server...

  • TimeLess

    Just wanted to add a topic about this feature again but they did not seem to take this topic into consideration :/ Really handy feature to have.

  • Skooma | Jonathan


  • CyberMew

    This is my number 1 pet peeve about using discord, we have a limit of 100-200 servers yet there is no way to pin severs to the top. I have to search it every time, and some servers changes name and icon, making it even harder to find. It's annoying as hell. I hope they take a leaf out of WhatsApp and Telegram, pronto. Doesn't take more than an engineer one month or two to work on this feature (frontend).

  • ZiggySatdust

    I can't believe that there aren't more people vocal about this.

    It surely can't be that hard to implement either.

    I use discord as for crypto and NFT communities and I'm constantly adding and removing various servers. 

    I want my most frequently used servers to remain at the top of the list but they grind south with time. It's super frustrating!

  • eduardo

    Yeah, every time I'm adding or removing servers, I have to rearrange them. Having the option to pin them would be great for me.

  • Galanthus

    Agreed. Need this asap! 👍

  • JakenBake

    Every time I search for a solution to a problem I have on discord I end up on suggestion forums. This feels like an obvious feature to have, and discord has been around for many years now. Need this asap.


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