Nitro boosting should not create a new role on the server



  • TolerableDruid6

    Agreed. This is inconvenient and a very lazy way of labelling boosters. It also breaks the automatic colour coding that Discord applies to a username as I believe this role is counted as the highest role (although the permissions don't reflect that).

  • ntoskrnl

    Fortunately, it doesn't do that and the color can be changed (we just changed it to the default "no color" so people don't appear pink), but it does work like an integration role. However, the fact that this one is controlled by Discord itself and not us, in our own servers, is extremely unsettling to me.

  • azgoodaz

    1) You can change the permissions of the role.

    2) I disagree, having the role makes it so that people know they boosted the server.

  • ntoskrnl

    What is the usefulness in having people know they boosted the server? It serves no functional or practical purpose and only adds another role for moderators to deal with. Plus the point is that it's something that we don't have any control over - it was placed into our servers by Discord.

  • The Golden Atlas [16-A]

    I agree with ntoskrnl 
    nothing like roles should be forced on servers boosters already get the badges so why should they get a role in our servers

  • draterttv

    I like that it does it for me so that I do not have to worry about finding people in the lists of my servers to add them to a role. It is quick and easy for those who own large servers and the role can be edited easily unlike the @everyone role.

  • Garlic Bread

    @Online R3tard actually you can edit the @everyone role, it's at the very bottom of the roles page. Also I agree with ntoskrnl, the Nitro Booster role doesn't need to exist, it's irrelevant because if you want to know someone has boosted your server, you can either look at the pink diamond next to their name or you can go into the server boosting screen in server settings, the role just isn't needed, at least have the option to disable it, for those who do want it and who want to make a booster only channel. Otherwise, begone role. 

  • AuthenticTimes

    I slightly disagree with this. Having the booster role can be very helpful, because you can make booster channels. You can add special permissions with people who boost, and give them access to more channels.

  • I agree with AuthenticTimes. It can be VERY helpful, and you can create channels specifically for Boosters+.





    I just realized it's been 4 months since the last post. Wow.

    Also, just a fresh meme.



  • TheXTerrarianAlt2

    They should make it optional and customizable, i mean really, its stupid it isnt

  • MrCookieTHIEF

    In my opinion the owner should be able to choose if they wan't any role even given. If they do not want to leave a setting in overveiw of the server empty and if they wan't to just select a role from the list.

    But I do not like that it sets a role that you **have to** have there just because people nitro boost your server.

  • RFlintstone

    I slightly agree with everyone here. There should be a role option however it should not be forced by Discord. I use roles a lot in my server(s) and would love to introduce server boosting (roles) to it as well but since I don't have any control over it I simply don't want to. If it makes a roll, you should have controll over it in my opinion. My idea of making the roles more managable is that you can choose a custom role you made with your own permission as the role that will be added upon a server boost to the use that boosted (this could even be linked to a tier system since you can boost a server multiple times). The option could be placed in the overview tab as a dropdown menu so you will basically get the same as the AFK / system messages channel options but in that case for server boosts. For the ones that don't use the feature it might even be an idea to be able to disable it (however I would understand why Discord wouldn't do that since this is basically their income strategy).

  • D549

    In response to azgoodaz's comment, you can change the permissions, but we should be able to create opur own role and set it, rather then having one just called "nitro booster" some servers wanna call it "epic gamer" "cookie master" or something that relates and it special the their server!

  • Raikas

    I think Booster role should be created with the server.

  • BiT

    imho the role should either be created with the server or there should be an option to disable it.


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