Know the effect of the default permission when setting a channel



  • Eve

    It's a wonderful idea 😱👍

  • It would be useful for server technicians.

  • Mirality

    This doesn't really work; the middle option doesn't just mean "the server default", it means "not specified" -- which can mean "the server default" but often means "something set by a different role that the user also has".

    You'd actually need something like View as Role instead (the key part is specifying the context of a specific user or set of roles).

    (Once hierarchies become more complicated than just Leader/Member/Public you tend to have lots of individual channel-specific roles, each granting or denying permission to one channel/group, with each user having several roles that are combined to get their "real" permissions.)

  • CréaNinjas
    in response to : Mirality

    It's true, we don't have a complete view on permissions.
    Over time, I got into experience and noticed it.

    But to start with, it's good not to assign duplicate permissions. (Already assigned by default in the global settings.)
    This proposal helps with that.

    In addition to this:
    Why not offer something more advanced!
    The option to see the accumulation of a person's permissions. But for that, I have no idea of design.

  • Saul

    Was about to post the same request, I would also find it useful to know what the defaulted setting is for the selected role when editing specific channel permissions. My memory isn't good enough to remember settings for each role, specially across categories.

    Here's my take on the UI change: white swoosh or cross for default setting (colored "/" would tell nothing to color-blind users)


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