"View As" - Role Perspective




    That's a good idea, would help in making a server a lot.

  • Waddle

    I definitely vouch for that! Have to screenshare with friends and ask them to test things for me. It's very inconvenient!

  • Mirality

    As a way of perhaps breaking this into smaller, simpler, but still useful steps:

    Start with an "Effective Permissions" view, where you select a specific channel and specific user and it shows you what the final permissions would be in that channel.

    Once that's working (and that by itself would go a long way), it can then be extended to let you specify a list of roles instead of an existing user, which further improves usability.

    And then finally extending it to a full view of all channels, not just one channel at a time.

    In an ideal world, at some point along the way (at least on Desktop), this would open in a separate window so that you can edit the permissions and see the effective changes "live".


    Another possibility, as a kind of hybrid of this idea and that one, would be to have the option to select a "context" user who already has the role (or a multi-select list of other roles) at the top of the manage permissions editor.  Then the colour of the middle option changes to reflect what that user/roleset's permissions would be, excluding the role currently being edited.

    That way it's not a separate view, it's integrated directly into the existing permissions editor.

  • TdoubleU

    This would be a fantastic addition. My current solution is using the web-browser version of Discord and login to a secondary, non-admin account I created. It's a clumsy workaround in a pinch.

  • ✞ SketchDevil ✞

    I love this and want this to be a thing so bad. Just in case users with administrative perms want to see if they accidentally missed a perm or didn't make a perm properly. This would be really helpful.

    Its actually used on Canvas, the website used by colleges? Professors are able to preview what they've posted for their class in a "student view"

    Please make this happen it would be amazing!

  • ninjarmadillo1

    This would be good for people who don't have any experience starting servers as they can realise if/where they have made a mistake and correct it.

  • ThE_PaRd0

    Omg! We have to have that option! Come on Discord! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • MissNeb Savage

    It would also cut down on "test" accounts, because that's nearly the only way to manage it. 

  • Megatron

    This would be incredibly helpful for server setup and continued management. Being able to view Discord as different role types if you're an Admin would be useful.

  • CyberByte

    It´s here now :D


  • eslindsey

    Would be helpful to have instructions how to get to it, here. This is the top result for Discord View As

  • TdoubleU

    @eslindsey The only indication of how to use it is this tweet from Discord recently: https://twitter.com/discord/status/1309557064671342592

  • eslindsey

    TdoubleU that one's good, it has screen shots. There's also this official reply on the other View As feature request thread:



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