Audit Log



  • 10 🌈
    That ruins the point of the Audit Log if you're able to delete entries. The maim reason you can't delete entries is because it's meant to be the a record of events as documentary evidence in case things go south on a server.
  • boss
    I feel like it’d get abused to hide mistakes or something. Still a cool concept.
  • thetechguy
    then what is the point of the audit log now? if you can just delte the whole thing.
  • Cori

    the admin audit can set this so that they are the only one who can see it. There really is not need to be able to delete anything unless you can not stand to see what you have done?


  • Costpap
    Uh, can this not ever exist, as it'd defeat the entire point of audit logs in the first place. No audits logs would be better than audit logs with this option. There is no reason to have audit logs if you could just delete everything you were doing.
  • index.ts
    That defeats the whole purpose of the audit log. The audit log is supposed to be a log of server moderation events, so things shouldn’t be able to be hidden
  • JustCallMePizZAa_

    you should e able to delete things because then you could prank your friends!


    in all seriousness I actually do think you should be able to delete audit logs. TBH do really want >user< deleted 1 message by >user<? in there? if you let someone access audit logs you should at least be able to trust them not to lie!

  • wjejeleold

    That defeats the whole purpose of an audit log, to be honest. What's the point of having an audit log if you can just delete everything so it shows nothing? Might as well just remove it. This would be good for trolling tho ngl

  • j_xk

    My idea is that there would be a specific permission for editing audit log. However, this permission wouldn't be auto granted by the 'administrator' permission. This edit permission would be for people someone REALLY trusts. Now, deleting audit log info would be pointless and even dangerous, however we can at least let people have the option to.


    I think you should be able to at least hide audit log messages because as @JustCallMePizZAa_ mentions, it is really annoying to see the messages deleted log. You should be able to categorize which audits are hidden and have a special perm to edit them like @j_xk suggests. You shouldn't be able to delete them (for security reasons as @10 🌈 points out), but at the very minimum add a hide feature.

  • CoolProgrammer

    This feature should probably only be allowed for Server Owners and not admins. I would upvote for this feature to be added.

  • TheRichCapitalist

    I think the creator of the server should be able to do that, but no-one else.


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