personalize notification sounds



  • iamshifter

    Never forget.

    we need to be able to customize notification sounds, even if it was just a list of a few options.

  • Elaine

    This is desperately needed. It would be very beneficial to have an adequate distinction in urgency between different servers and / or different types of messages in some way.

  • MJ.

    pretty please w/ sugar etc. let us customize notifications


  • _DedSecAffiliate

    Even if it was just picking a custom notification through the pre-installed options on my phone, I would greatly appreciate this feature.

  • Terry

    I knew I couldn't be the only one who wanted this feature! This thread is at least two years old already, and obviously very popular. Please make it happen! Some of the more detailed features would make great Nitro perks too!

    My personal wish list, roughly in order of importance, with explanations:

    • Ability to set different sounds for pings vs. regular notifications (I assume if I'm being pinged, it's more important, so I'd like a different sound for emphasis)
    • Ability to turn off notification sounds without turning off the whole notification for different servers, pings, channels (put alongside the mute options) (I still want the notification on my screen so I know about the messages, but sometimes I don't want to hear "babloop" 100 times in a row because my friends are talking excitedly about something)
    • Ability to set different sounds for different servers (and maybe even channels too, but I'd settle for servers; maybe per channel can be a nitro perk) (Let's face it, which server or channel a notification is coming from makes a difference in how urgent it is to go look at it. If I get a notification from the server with my super close friends, or the one I made for just me and my spouse, that's more urgent to me than the posts in my local Pokemon Go group.)
    • Ability to set custom sounds (in addition to a handful of default options - maybe this one could be a nitro perk. Maybe boosted servers can host their own custom sound options too, the way they do with emojis and stickers? Alternatively, custom sounds could be on a per-device basis, with the sound file needing to be hosted from your device so Discord doesn't need to store millions of people's sound files.) (This one is truly a vanity option, but we have some pretty darn creative people around here. Super Mario World "ding" noises, anyone?)
    • Ability to set different sounds to different users or roles, or turn sounds for them on or off individually (this sounds like it would be harder to do - maybe another nitro perk?) (There are some people whose messages matter more to us than others. I might not hold my local PoGo group to be super urgent, but if my bestie says something, I'm gonna want to check it out.)

      If you're one of the awesome folks in charge, thanks for reading this! I think the first three are the main necessities, but I know y'all like to aspire to greatness. 
  • Krystalmyth

    Okay everyone. Listen. They're not going to even give us a polite reply in half a decade (Thanks by the way guys, not rude at all) So this is what you have to do.

    This feature is already available. You will need the expansion to Discord, called BetterDiscord.

    This will add a menu in your Discord settings where plugins can be added, expanding features to Discord dramatically. Including hiding typing notifications, alerting when people mute or remove you from friends, among other useful tools. Double Click to edit, etc.

    What you will want to download from their plugin section is called Notification Sounds

    You download the tiny plugin file, open settings in discord, go to the Betterdiscord section and select Plugins. At the top there's a blue button shortcut to the plugin folder. Place the file there, and any other plugin you desire to play with (they're all so great tbh) and then add sounds for the app to use.

    They have you create a group for the sounds for easy selection later. Then you go into the list of category events, and select the sounds/groups you want to apply. There are also others in there and you can change everything from the dial sound, the ring, sounds for chat rooms and invites, among others.

    You can't set specific users as of yet, but for me, just being able to separate sounds coming from servers, to mentions, to DMs, is a life saver. This is a gamechanger, and it's easy to do. Discord has no excuse to be as rude as they have been ignoring us for so long. The name BetterDiscord, is fitting.

    Don't push this to later. It's stupid small and you'll wish you had done it sooner. This isn't a separate client, and you won't have to switch apps. It is a sincere addon to the base Discord client, and is seamless.

    Plugins when needing update will let you know at the top when you login or at the start of the day. They just need you to click the announcement to update. Easy peazy, lemonsqueezy.


    Before I go, here is a complimentary notification sound, which I use for DMs specifically.  Punchy enough to be heard through games and movies, doesn't linger and meshes with the default sound without it being mistaken for anything else. Bright enough to snap your attention when drifting, and doesn't really seem to get annoying....

    When I hear this sound, I know someone is directly wanting to talk to me. Which is a much more satisfying feeling than Discord notifications have made anyone feel in a long time.


  • The Untitled Goose

    +1 Would be very useful. 

  • Novie

    thank you Kristalmyth.

  • Azmaeus

    Thanks Krystalmyth! That's a great option for my PC. I'm still hoping the right person sees this thread and makes it happen so we can get this functionality for mobile.

  • MW

    Yep we really need this for Mobile. Seems like it would make a lot of sense to just build this into the program at this point. 

  • Mughi

    the better discord add-on is nice, but unless I missed something, the notification sounds does NOT currently support different sounds per server/user.  It simply allows you to change the sounds used by discord.

    Sounds per server/user is an upcoming feature (although it's been upcoming for a year now)

  • pupperino

    Another vote for this. What I wouldn't give for custom sounds! I hear the one sound so much I block it out and end up missing very important messages :(

  • Pengviz

    Please add this

  • Orchid

    this would be awesome

  • wamiq (he/him)

    Inability to set different sounds for different servers/groups/DMs is starting to make Discord more unusable for me the more I use it for different purposes. I need a way to distinguish important sound alerts from less important ones. My options right now are keep sounds notifications on for all of Discord or none of Discord, and this just doesn't work for me.


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