Shadow Kicking or Mod Review Mode



  • poisonedwaters

    This concept could be useful for channels that admins want monitored, so admins and mods can approve messages before they are "live" in a specific channel. This feature does not necessarily need to be a bad thing.

  • Seventh Deven

    I like the Review Mode suggestion. It would be similar to muting someone, but on a different level.

    I was thinking of a similar suggestion. When users block people from DM'ing them, rather than telling them they were potentially blocked, it should look like the message either went through or failed to send. I blocked one user and when he ran into me in a Discord server, he had a meltdown.

  • Twisted_Code

    This definitely has potential. Why limit it to a special user mode though? I think restrictions like this could also be useful as a general feature that could be used, for instance, by the verification levels that are supposed to prevent automated users from abusing public discords. One of the biggest reasons I've seen for people not using verification levels on a server is not wanting to be overly restrictive on new users, so if there was a toggle below the chosen verification level that would allow new user to participate, e.g., without an email address at the double-table-flip level, but everything has to be approved by chat moderators, I would expect a lot more usage of that level.


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