"Private channel - ✅" - AFTER its creation



  • Xmatter

    I believe a Private Channel is just the same thing as a channel with only some roles assigned to have access.

  • dai_gazu

    Right. But in this case, the channel is not visible to those who do not have access to it.

  • Chilli

    If a user doesn't have the "Read Messages" permission, they won't see the channel on the list

  • GhostWolfe

    Being able to change a channel to Private after the fact would be so much faster and less fiddly than having to remove permissions from the roles you're trying to keep the channel private from.

  • Molf

    You can change a Public Channel to Private by moving it in a Private Category and synchronise the permissions.

  • dangerBEclose

    As far as I know, this can ONLY be done with Voice Channels. Text channels don't offer this.

  • emiloser

    heya! i think i figured this issue out. 

    if you go, edit channel -> permissions, go to the little + next to role members & add your role that you want the channel to be seen by

    click on "@everyone" and put "View Channel" on NO, and then click on the role you added and change "View Channel" to YES. I also turned off sending messages for everyone and on for my desired role for safe measure, but I believe it works without that extra step. :) hope this helps ! 


    e// so, create a new role, leave the values as default, and then assign it to each of the members you want to be able to use the channel(voice or text). give this role permissions and then in settings "@everyone" take away everyone elses permissions :-)

  • Mxxinyy

    First of all, that's a vc channel, it has a lock cause it's been set to private and visible but not connectable 

    Secondly, you can actually private a channel after creating it just click the edit channel button and then click on "@everyone" and put view channel to NO or if you want to private all channels even if new ones were created for everyone you can just go to server settings and disable the view channel on the everyone role 
    pic above ^  is channel's edit button fyi

  • potluck


    You are a genious. Easily added all other roles and pushed their view channel permission to off. only the new isolated role can now see it!




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