User Reputation using Randomized Surveys



  • Aviivix

    This would not work at all. I'm sorry for the bluntness, but what exactly is the plan here? What is it for?

    Is it to mitigate spammers? I would assume you should just contact server staff of the server you have in common in that case to have them banned. Are they serial raiders? Scammers/phishers? Report those to T&S (or at least try to). Why should the everyman have more or less a reputation profile that he can't control, follows him around, and that everyone uses as a first impression of him?

    How would this even work on giant servers with thousands of members, most of which lurk? How would you mitigate the obvious annoyance of constantly getting random pop-ups to rate some random user in a server you probably also just lurk in? What reason would anyone have to care? To help their fellow man know that "Fug Ebin Meme" who they maybe saw chat once is quiet?

    Would the results be anonymous? What's to stop people from just spamming a user with reviews as harassment? Or inversely flooding someone else with reviews? Can't review more than once, sure, but what about alts? That would add a completely new layer of moderation to Discord on top of its already paper thin staff that can't even deal with the rampant grooming problem. Do you really think they can handle the influx of "Survey harassment" reports?

    You say reputation, but you're basically asking people to write eBay reviews on how nice they think one person out of a server with hundreds or thousands of people is, who in all likelihood they haven't even met.

    What about the fact that people change over time, and people's impressions of other people change over time? If you can't take the same survey twice, then what about, "When I first met him a few months back he was kinda an ass, but I think he mellowed out recently. We're friends now." Or inversely, "I thought he was nice at first, but now he's just terrible."

    Maybe in buying-selling servers reviews are important, but in the context you're thinking of, there are just so many confusing aspects to it, and things that just wouldn't work on a grand scale. You don't review your friends on Twitter, Skype or Snapchat on their relative talkativeness or niceness. If there's a problem user, deal with that problem user. We don't need this.

  • Glitch Bork

    Thank you for commenting! I really like feedback, even if it's blunt.

    I understand the points you've made and I'm starting to see a lot of flaws in the system I've made. Of course, I wasn't expecting to make something perfect, since I'm not a UX design expert and would have liked more conversation to smooth out this system, but I agree with your statement that there's no use for a reputation system at the moment.

  • mesub
    So what happens if I don't want to send a survey but I want user rep? I don't think discord should be collecting data like that.
  • karenslynch

    Is it necessary to send a survey for user rep ? I know that surveys are the best to give our feedback and giving a chance to improve the performance


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