Mute all channels but one



  • actiniumhydroperoxyl

    Seconded- there's already a way to do this, but manually muting all but one of the channels in huge servers where this would be required would take ages, even if they were in categories.

  • caeldom

    I would also like this feature, have the same problem with multiple servers with many channels.

  • eldorel

    I would like this as well. 

    One major issue at the moment is that new channels aren't muted by default, even if all other channels are. 

    For example, I had one server where I'd manually muted all channels other than #General, but the mods create new channels for events on a regular basis.

    So once a week, I needed to go into the server and manually mute 4 new channels. 

    This would not be an issue at all the notification options for the server had an option to invert or override the server mute. 
    This function would almost identical to the notification override that's already in place, only applied to the 'mute' option instead.

  • Wolf

    this is a must have! ^^

    really annoying to mute 20-30+ channels manually and having to mute new ones as well :/

  • 0xyg3n

    Please add this feature you developers. It's tiresome muting channel one by one and doing it for 20 channels n shit.

  • Gornador

    Is this still not a feature?

  • lucasdaolio

    From what I see, Discord just need to "Notification Overrides" to overwrite all notification settings, then the rest of the server use "Server notification setting", including new channels.

  • Samazure

    This would be a great addition!

  • cuppajoeman

    Also joined a huge server and needed to do the same, hopefully this gets implemented

  • Irukandji

    DISCORD! Hello? Anybody there? Wake up!!

    Answer this thread to show you're actually reading these comments - WE NEED A MUTE-ALL BUTTON IN SETTINGS! and then the ability to MANUALLY UNMUTE the channel we actually want notifications for.


    This is so obvious it's shocking it wasn't designed this way.


    Do your job better!

  • Kritos

    Option to mute custom notifications was great even if we got it very late, please do something for this request too please, it would be great to mute an entire server but one or more channels!

  • Alternate Cereal

    Yes please! it's been a year and it still isn't an option.

  • TheLastAncient

    This already exists. Right-click on a server, select "Notification settings". Set Server notification settings to "Nothing" then add the override for the one channel or category you do want notifications for under "Notification Overrides"

  • Blackdragonbird

    Is not the same. Notifications and the little "new message" dots work in different ways. 


    Came here to see if there are an option to do the mute all except what I want, but seems that Discord developer's are ignoring the request.

  • theotherlinh

    Are they really  ignoring the request if it's so lowly voted?  I am extremely surprised how low this is :(

    Maybe it'd be faster to request to quickly mute a channel so it's less annoying to have to go through a dozen channels one by ones.

  • neo_phi

    Disappointed to see this is not an existing feature.

  • Kevlar

    This feature really needs to be added. Kind of ridiculous that I have to go through public servers and manually mute 30 channels except for the 1 or 2 I want.

  • Noodles

    Only 63 upvotes? What a travesty. I don't want to go through and manually mute 30+ "#spoiler" channels just to not get the white "new message" dot.

  • A.David

    I can mute the whole server and then go to a single text channel and select to get all notifications, but it doesn't work and always defaults to "server default" which is muted.

    I supposed this should've been the correct workaround, but it's probably bugged.

  • θspirit

    I, too, would greatly appreciate a feature that does this.

  • LouD82

    Agreed. The UI presents this as being possible in the server notification settings, at the bottom of the window where you can single out specific channels to receive notifications on. Interestingly, there is also an option to mute or unmute those specific channels, leading us to believe you can single out a specific channel to unmute. However, I guess this only works for singling out channels to mute (which is easy enough anyway by just muting it in the channel list), because if you select a channel and don't click mute (and don't modify the other notification settings for it), then click okay on the server notifications dialog, your changes aren't saved. That is, when you go back into the notification settings for the server, the channel you specifically identified is no longer listed at the bottom of the window at all. What's weirder is that when you mute the entire server, it actually grays-out the notification options on specific channels, BUT NOT the mute/unmute checkbox, leading us to assume that what we want is possible: to mute the entire server expect for specific channels. Problem is, the changes don't save and when you accept the dialog and come back in - the channel you singled out is no longer listed as an exception. So, it really seems like they set this up to work but it just doesn't.

  • gnclmorais

    This is the biggest pain point I have with Discord. The amount of channels in each server is _wild_ and having to forever mute each one of them, one my one, is the most painful UX of modern times.

  • Tsumitsuki^^

    Second this.
    For the most part i'm interested in the news channel and not every server pings with (at)everyone so its reley common for me to miss news and events of some servers sine there are hundrets of channels und thousands of users.

    Mute everything but the one or a few channels you are active in per server would made everything much simpler and easier to follow even with 100 servers and countless of channels/user.

  • joe45

    I badly need this feature. Cos, you know, crypto.

  • renatuspermorbum

    Why in God's name has this not been fixed already?!?!?!! UGH

  • Jet

    Just wanted to upvote this Post since discord hast not seen this issue in over 2 years now :(

  • sync

    Seems like a pretty obvious missing feature.

  • phuda

    Wanted feature. Overridden notification setting should override muted server if user wants to listen only small part of whole server.

  • phuda

    For now I leave whole server muted and usually skipping messages in channels I want to not to skip...

  • Xorgash | Markus

    Same as the original post. Would be great to be able to mute a whole server but unmute single channels.


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