Spacing and font



  • Alex Softflower

    Follow up, chat font scaling helps with the size, but the boldness is still making it hard to read

  • Eltoon

    fix the font oml

  • ConfusedReptile

    My main problem is not blurriness (although I did notice it) or size (there's a setting for it), but spacing. It's variable-width, I hate it and I want another font. Please, let us change it, even if that means selecting from a tiny list of approved fonts!

  • Critofur

    We need to be able to change both the default font that we see others type in, and, the font which we type with, when others see our messages.  This is such a basic feature of every other chat app I've ever used, simply inane that it's missing from Discord.

  • Cuteness!

    WTF Critofur? How is that a normal thing? I haven't seen it in ANY chat app. You can still style your text using Markdown. I haven't even seen a chat app (besides some native IRC clients) that lets you change the default font of the app. Certainly none that let you change the font of your messages as viewed by other people.

    It's not inane that it's missing from discord, seems pretty inane that you expect it from every app and actually blame the app for not adding it!

    "We" (Who is we? You don't speak for us) don't "need" it and it's not a "basic feature", but if you want it that badly, put it in a feature request. The voters will judge if it is an actually good feature.

    The devs don't do it now because, among other things:

    1. Seeing everyone's messages in different fonts would be jarring to everyone.
    2. Discord is designed for the font that it uses. What would happen if someone decided to use Zapfino for their messages?
    3. Speaking of Zapfino, only Macs (and some iOS devices) have it by default. What about the people that don't have it?
    4. Remember Discord is a web app so font selection is a complicated matter. It can be done but it's complex.

    I think they want Discord to look good, so they don't provide options like letting you choose random fonts for your messages. Buuut, on the other hand, they did force those stupid status shapes on everyone, so maybe they just don't care.

    (sorry for repost, the other message got glitched)

  • EmberVoices

    Yes! It's actually an accessibility issue. Font size needs to be changeable in every interface to accommodate older users, and being able to change the font style and even the font itself would be especially helpful to dyslexics.


  • Cuteness!

    It's not just an 'accessibility issue for dyslexics', it's also an accessibility issue for everyone else. Being able to read text in a font that doesn't hurt my eyes is very important for a chat app.

    I don't want this bold garbage all over the app, it hurts my eyes. It has been hurting my eyes for a long time ever since this dumb change.

  • EmberVoices

    I didn't say it was *only* an accessibility issue for dyslexics. But accessibility accommodation is an important factor to consider beyond general convenience, so I wanted to point it out in *addition* to the already-cited issues. -E-


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