2FA lockout solution



  • rotatoetoe

    Can we start a petition for them to? Because it’s still a problem. I have chats I need to get out of for Saftey reasons.

  • Krishnakumar

    Same problem...

  • Mr.Pink

    Same I try and try nope and I have friends to talk to right now


  • Demonskid

    Same.. Locked out, no way back in.

  • rotatoetoe

    Ok so long shot. But are you by chance signed in on the desktop version of the app?

  • rotatoetoe

    If so, you may be able to get the codes from there, log in on the ACTUAL app and then turn off 2FA until they come up with a solution to not piss us off.

  • Racing Authority

    Yes pls, I change phone frequently so I don't have two factors authentication enabled because I once risked to loose my account, and this is a business account so I can't risk that.

  • fake_spjut 2

    Same problem

  • Waffles_Alt

    Yep, lost my old account and cant get it back.

  • axelkarb

    For sure should do an email request or something.

  • spraze

    Discord please fix this lockout problem with an email verification or phone number verification process. The 2Fa codes can easily be lost if a phone is lost, stolen, or broken. Backup codes are not convenient or practical especially when most gamers have been using discord for over 5 years or more! Fix this problem, Please upvote!

  • BeaStBRo

    im actully a hypesquad member and i got this 2fa problem 2 dayz ago and lookin everywhere for solution but... NOTHING.

    i cant leave without discord daily, hopefully make a solution so fast cuz i hate discord after losting my account.... 

  • andy.g123

    Debería haber para hacer una solicitud por correo y ya no tener tanto problemas yo estoy pasando por eso en este momento y ya es la segunda cuenta ya no se que hacer

  • DiamondDoge55

    A mi me bloquearon o deshabilitaron mi cuenta pero tengo que enviar una solicitud, lo unico que no se que hacer es esto: "Enlace de mensaje (es decir, https://discordapp.com/channels/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/XXXXXX)Para obtener el enlace del mensaje, haga clic con el botón derecho en el mensaje que desea informar." pero no se como obtener ese enlace y estoy pasando por un mal momento.

  • KangarUwU

    i got locked out too please help me


  • Ben 88Ghosts

    Anyone able to help, in the same position as you guys

  • dutchmercenary

    It’s infuriating that they don’t have anything in place to recover the account or send a new code via email.

  • Soul of Cinder

    I concur. Discord staff needs to see this ASAP

  • Madi

    Same aswell..

  • æææ

    I experienced this and my infuriation level got past the border

  • Kuroo

    They really need to see this Im locked out of my account and I have so many things on it I just got nitro aswell what a waste

  • アキラ 2.0

    My other account got a bot that is in 100 servers+ and now I contacted discord and I'm sure they can't remove it for "safety reasons" I'll try anyway but honestly this is so dumb
    Like I reset my phone after activating 2fa and now I can't do anything cuz I got logged out from pc
    I can't live without discord

  • solodarkwolf5

    FWI their solution is telling you to just make another account and they offer to delete your old account for you :L

  • SunderMind

    Honestly, I find it ridiculous that even after all this time the same issue persists. I lost my previous account this way and now I don't dare to enable 2FA on my new account because rather than protecting my account, I would just be taking the risk to lose my account once again.

  • Alex.

    yep. lost my 3 year old account to this aswell i wish they did like email verification or phone number verification even like taking a real life picture proving you own the account

  • DonofBones

    The fact that you have 3 ways of "logging in" with SMS, 2FA and E-Mails and only ONE OF THEM MATTERS is garbage. I've been logging into my account automatically every day, forgot my password and my phone stopped working. I still get to log into my account, but I will have to part with it soon to reinstall windows. The automation will cease. The only reason why this is so frustrating because they also just literally told me it does not matter if i can prove that I own the account. Please fix this frustrating, useless, garbage system so that people can get their accounts back if they can prove they own them, instead of being locked out due to lacking one small device. It's company policy to refuse to help you remove 2FA, because that's just how it is.


    P.S.: Literally every other company that I use 2FA on (nintendo, electronics arts, twitch, steam) let me recover my account within less than two day, even if I had to E-Mail their support to set things straight. I've been waiting for them to add a way to get it back for half a year soon.

  • noctis

    I’m upset because I lost a 3 year old acc with important info on it. The fact that I lost the account because of a discord glitch from an anti abuse bot flagging my account is really saddening. I feel like if I verified my email or SMS or anything else that can go past 2FA would help so much. My account got banned AS I WAS USING IT. Again, please find a way to fix this system.

  • dutchmercenary

    I lost my old account last year, they won’t remove the 2FA, and there is no way to recover the contacts unless you copied the data BEFORE you got locked out.

  • ICan'tBelieveI'mHomosexual

    Its been 1 year man and still nothing i feel so hopeless

  • coreyon150

    if u can thank u




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