Granularize "Manage Server" Permission



  • Whoa

    Hi! This option could be useful but could also be abused. Think good but adding bots is more an option for administrators.

    Have a nice day!
    Still Chill

  • Paedar

    Which is precisely why administration gave me the task of handling the bots.
    One protective thing that comes to mind is that you possibly shouldn't be able to give bots permissions you don't have yourself, just like it should be with literally any permission.

  • mramor_penza513

    Как вернуть сервер?


  • Kuro

    agreed. i don't see why I would ever give someone the ability to change the server name or region... but I do have administrators who manage the bots. 

    Honestly, it would be better to put "change server name and region" into the "administrator" privilege... and change the "manage server" privilege into just "manage bots" 

  • Caitlin

    How do you do it if you already have account?



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