randomly joining servers



  • XyPhEr76

    I had the same situation, my account even got disabled, beacuse of that.

  • R E G E X

    It's probably someone has grabbed your account token and putting it on autopilot. A.K.A. Selfbotting. Th only option would be to delete your account or change your password. 

  • lollove8642

    The exact same thing happened to me, I think you need to change your password

  • Muff1nM4n

    XyPhEr76 sameeee 


  • Domeno

    I have the same problem. My 2 accounts got deleted. And on third im seeing another servers.

  • engineer gaming

    Same thing happened to me. I have found a way to solve this, just change your password and when it happens again change your password again. Every time you change your password you will have like a 2 day immunity. I may be wrong but people raiding servers may be doing this too. Hope this helps!

  • Lamp

    There's no need to change your password, i've found. there might be a base of a bot. Go to User settings > Authorised apps, and get rid of any bot that's allowed to join servers for you. That fixed the problem, permanently, for me.

  • same a bot did that to me to

  • Bird

    Yes, I had the same issue too. Was one of the servers called "glory !"? It was like the 14th time it put me into that..

  • Jobbet

    It could be that your token got grabbed. But I had the same thing and there were bots that had the authority to join servers for me. The MEE6 is a fake MEE6 bot I think.

  • Son Of Hephaestus

    U have to go to settings, authorized apps and disable the one that says ' randomly join servers for you ' or something. It will stop then

  • ! shezan

    hey same things happening to me now i de auth'ed all of my bots and it is still happening can anyone help me?


    Edit: I just changed my password to something very new I am now gonna see if it worked or not

    Edit 2: It is currently working hope it stays like that

  • OptimalFlash

    Yes my account also joins random servers which I have never seen, and they send me a lot of free nitro I don't know if it's real free nitro or not


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