Link Discord Account to Oculus Quest / Oculus Quest 2



  • Tali | Lex | COM50c

    I actually think this is a great idea! It would most likely mean having to make the discord app for the quest itself, but being able to talk to friends and even stream games without having to link the headset up to your pc or use virtual desktop would really help people have fun and hang out with their friends while playing in VR. And it would be great to allow people to easily upload screenshots or recordings of their vr games to servers without having to transfer them over to their PC first. The main issue is that (and im not expert when i say this) they would probably have to make an entirely new version of discord so that it would work properly with the oculus quest. But overall I feel that it would be an amazing way to talk, stream, and hang out with friends while playing in VR!

  • kitkat

    They don't need to make an entirely new version of discord so it can work on the Quest. The quest is running android and u can just sideload the discord app or use the web version

  • d1ddle

    DRP Presence Client now supports Quest 2


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