100 Server Limit (2018-2021)



  • Yujie

    I love it

  • Empiur

    I agree with an increase or uncapping of the server limit.
    I've been at the max cap of 100 for a while.

    Regarding people that argue for activity, I'll paste something I've sent recently:

    I don't see any reason to limit users at all. While there may be no point in lurkers and inactive members, I believe that is up to the server owners themselves to decide. I believe that there should always be more options, not less. You may not need to join many servers, but even if so, you do not have to. Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Just because you don't need to doesn't mean you shouldn't. Just because you in particular do not see the point in an increased limit does not mean that others do.

    As for me and the use cases I find for an increased limit, I will paste this here:

    1) Games: Guilds/Clans
    - Some game communities require communication between groups of players like guilds and clans. Many guilds and clans will have their own servers and communicate to other guilds and clans in their respective servers. This use case takes up a chunk of my servers.

    2) Games, Official Servers, Companies, Brands, Group Buys, etc.
    - Certain stuff like group buys, interest checks, deals, maybe game updates, etc. require you to join the server to hear/learn about them.

    3) Emotes for Nitro Users
    - A large chunk of my servers are for nitro emotes.

    4) Friends' servers
    - I have a ton of friends who invite me to their servers. I may not be active in them, but it feels disingenuous to them to leave those servers. Since my server list is full (capped at 100), I can't join any other friends' servers. Especially with certain friends who make too many servers for little reason.


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