Add an “Are you sure?” message before calling someone



  • DuckMasterAl
    Maybe an option in settings would be cool (Default Off Though)
  • Cotton Le Sergal

    I would also like to suggest or propose the ability to remember that you do not want to be asked if you are sure for certain individuals. In my mind, I picture it as a: "remember my choice"checkbox that you can select to remember in the future if you want to call that friend and not have to click a: "yes, I am sure" button every time you call them, or have to disable the dialogue box all together just to call friends without having to verify that you want to.

  • EmberVoices

    I would actually make it default ON, as the purpose is to reduce accidental calls, and those are more likely with people less experienced with the interface.


  • Dts888

    Yes I agree with this. I’ve hit “call” so many times when I meant to click the search tab. Very anxiety-inducing for both people as it scares both of us when neither is expecting it. Would be nice to have a “Are you sure?”or “You are about to call [name]. Please click ‘OK’ to continue” When calling someone, and have there be a “do not show again” if you don’t like clicking it twice.


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