iOS badge notifications not working



  • pancakeonions

    I'm hoping this can be fixed too.  I don't want noises, banners, etc.  I just want the small red badge for a *select* few Discord servers, so I know when friends have replied in our text chats there.  It's odd, but it seems the features outlined in ( have not really been implemented; I can go into my server that I want to follow, select what appears to be a notification setting that will alert me with the badge, the small red numerical counter on the app icon, but alas it does not work.  I only get notified by @everyone and @me.  I don't want that, I want notification of any new posts to the text chat.  

  • cocoacote

    Just ran into the same issue. On top of this, I’m receiving badge notifications for announcements from servers that I’ve muted. So I can’t receive badge notifications for chat in my own server but I’m forced to receive them from others?


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