Read text channels and see voice channels



  • Typhoon
    yes that is what the role permission does,deny it in channels where you do not want the role to have access and vice versa
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  • The Architect
    Are you all really that twisted, that you'll actually down vote a function request just because you can't think of an application you'd use it for?! Or are any of you able to provide an explanation as to how this function would be a hindrance to you?

    As it happens, I have a situation where a user requires tts BOT, due to a disability.
    This server has thousands of members, so it becomes a little difficult to explain to every single one of them, "do not use the 'tts function, as someone requires that in order to speak."
    The simplest solution, is to give the BOT permission to access all Voice channels but view only a single text channel that'll have restricted access. But I have the added difficulty, that Voice channels get created and deleted daily.

    So, I'll ask the forum- Without this proposed function, how am I to configure the servers permissions in order to enable only select members permission to use a tts BOT within all Voice channels?
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  • Bron 🇦🇺 [bronfoth]

    This is a tricky one.
    I too would like to separate permissions on my channel.
    Btw, which bot are you using for TTS?

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