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  • Poshi

    Someone's server that is a enemy of ours joined and spammed the n word through out the whole server i think their server should be removed



  • naila

    Hi please ban @julia#6666 from discord shes not a nice person she doxxes people she ruins peoples reps for example she told me im whiter then paper when im black and i say the n word bc im 15 i proved it and showed my foot and they made fun of it and honestly i need someone to disable her i hate her guts and shes ruining discord for people. She raids servers because someone has something the same from her which she calls "copying" so delete her servers and disable her thank you.

  • Always Sad

    There is a bot sent me +18 picture I don't accept this at all the bots name and tag is:@Caroline 🍉#0734
    And I want from you to ban this bot from discord and ban who had make like this bot

  • Isaac

    There's this person named Majoras.webm#1977 and he's bullying like saying Go pick on some kindergarteners because that's the only thing you can do lmao and f off 

  • BOLT

    hi there this guy in this is posting gore and it is very disturbing  

    his profile is 243746106565984258


    and here are the video's





    Please ban him 

  • encription



    sent me a video where some masked guys cut off a guys legs and penis and beat him with it it was very traumatizing

  • PeanutTree

    so I was dmed by an average discord user that there is a server that gives out free Robux and I have saved one user from getting scammed like this so I joined the server to find out where the scamming part is but really it's in the DMS so discord devs this is a scam bot that DMS you constantly about how you should add their bot to your server so discord devs please ban

    Free Robux#6140 BOT

  • PeanutTree

    also discord devs please ban Base#4421 he is kind of the owner of the scam server


  • Milf Hunter

    so a kid just posted a video of people being killed and being hit by cars and shit so I am wondering if u can stop it

    Message ID:714871041276510338

  • Doom Slayer

    Yeah so on my other account (I don't know why I have 2 accounts :\ ) this person sent me this 

    Message-Id: 716042899762184234

    Guys name thing: WingDingGaster#4096

  • Saghetti

    This isn't where you're supposed to post Trust & Safety reports. The T&S team will not check this thread.

  • panzerkampfwagenVI

    hello so this server keeps raiding big servers and here is proof


    and they keep breaking ToS and keep saying the n word here is the server link for investigation760374304507559966

  • hi someone send me an disturbing vid and im only a minor and it was infuriating for me 

    this is the message link:

    this is my first time reporting so i dont know what to do


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