Pandora connections for Pandora users



  • Kytten

    This would be super awesome!

  • PyroComet

    i may seem like an old person, but my pandora station has exactly what i like and to start over on spotify is just too much of a hassle for me. 

  • VacuumMan448

    No Spodify is better and Pandora is not the greatest company

  • boxhobeli

    Some people like Pandora, some like Spotify. I see no reason not to allow both to use it with Discord. I would take your opinion seriously if you use facts to back it up and more importantly, use proper grammar and spelling in your comment.

  • SpaceKatdet

    This would still be wonderful. While I love other services for what they offer, every time I've tried their radio, they don't really seem to have good algorithms for it compared to Pandora.  I sub to both Pandora and a standalone music service because I can't find radio as good as Pandora has it. So it would be pretty neat to see support like that.

  • EldrinOTB

    This would be great!

  • Mr.SocialDistancing

    This sounds like a great idea, hope it will sometime happen!

  • SugarD-x

    Why is this not a thing? Pandora was way more popular until Spotify took over. It has been around forever. I'm amazed there aren't even plugins for something like this available.

  • Krafter

    Yes Please! I love pandora and their station concept. Spotify is just trash unless u have premium. (I'm literally listening to pandora as I write this.)


  • Tatsukohime

    I've been using Pandora since April of 2006, I have stations that are so rich in thumbs that I can't even contemplate trying to recreate them on Spotify. Discord is my main social media, so having my two loves together would be amazing. Right now my main server uses Groovy, but the ability to stream my stations to discord instead would be amazing. Right now I'm doing it via screen sharing, but that requires anyone wanting to listen to be staring at a screen of my browser tab or the desktop app.

  • kristi0615

    Please add Pandora as a connection!

  • Whatshertoes

    I have had my Pandora account since WELL before the days of Spotify and to try and recreate the decade+ of curation on Spotify is pointless. PLEASE add a Pandora integration!

  • wakefulgull

    Same as several above, transferring 15 years of music to spotify is probably impossible.  Plus the algorithms will mess up the stations regardless.  I'm not saying Pandora is better than Spotify or vice versa, but they both have their place and a different fanbase.  I am definitely a fan of Pandora.  


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