option that allows everyone to manage nicknames



  • TheRudeDude
    Having this feature implemented will be a bad idea as people with small roles will misuse their power by changing the nicknames of the people having roles higher than them which might result in a chaos
  • charitwo
    - terrible idea
  • tothetrashwhereibelong

    @therudedude, but that's the point gfybj

  • ShuuChi

    i need this for my "friends only" server.. seriously.. it's just like messenger where anyone can change other people's nicknames, admin or not. it's not a bad idea imo.. it's not so chaotic if it's a private server.

    also, nicknames are names given to you. you're not the one making your own nickname in the first place. it's actually the other way around. your friends give you a nickname.

  • Twist

    Why the hell does this have minus 20 upvotes, he’s only asking for the option - not to change the system entirely, also I personally think this would be great for private servers, it’s a lot more fun to be given a name than to give one to your self, at least to me it is.

  • Cloel

    Anyone who says this is a terrible idea can just... NOT USE THE FEATURE lmao.  YOU can leave hierarchy on nicknames, but I don't want it in MY server.  jeez


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