Need way to hide list of members



  • Benjamin

    I was going to say for the feedback, for DannyDxmpster would to be to just block the people you don't want DMing you, or disabling your DMs, simple? Instead of just completely changing the way the member list functions, otherwise, what's the point of the member list even being added in the first place.

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  • ProfDinkins

    I want to use Discord for my class that's moving online unexpectedly, and I would if I could hide the students from being able to see (and therefore easily contact) a full list of all of the students in the class.

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  • json

    Same as @ProfDinkins Would be nice to have this as a role permission. We don't want students seeing other students. 

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  • fLaSh

    Hello, i also need a way to hide the member list, this is a very important option i think for many owners of the group. Please add this option.

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  • Makeshift

    I would just like the ability to hide members, like a panel slider or  collapse / extend ability so that i can increase my viewable area for reading information... Like twitch already does with its chat panel. you can collapse it to see more of the viewable screen

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  • Twitterpated

    This is a much needed feature. I don't know why this is getting voted down.

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  • TheBigNoob

    I help moderate a large discord server (37K+ users).  We are constantly getting crypto scam/spam dm bots flooding our server, and DM'ing much of our users.  If we were able to create a role that is applied to all users joining the server that prevents them from seeing users before they can verify that they are human, this would be a great help to large servers everywhere. 

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  • mxldevs

    I would also like to have a way to hide a list of members from regular users so that people can join without worrying about receiving unwarranted messages.

    The comment about simply blocking users doesn't work for me because it is reactive and not proactive. I would prefer to have a system in place that would prevent users from getting unwarranted messages in the first place rather than having people complain - or just outright leave - and then having me go and address the issue.

    Also, hiding a member list doesn't mean the member list is entirely obsolete. The member list would still function the same way; it's just people might not be able to view it, the same way you can hide channels from those that do not have the required roles.

    It would be like saying "why add a lock to your front door if you're just going to let people walk through the door anyways?"

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