Max Server Roles



  • 💜 Eleros 💜

    I 100% have to agree with this feature,

    On the community server I admin, we have the same feature, if you Nitro boost you get vanity, as well as higher level users (bots that track levels and gives roles accordingly) after a certain level users get access to vanity as well.

    At this point we're bordering 8000 users and some users are very frequent members who have reached the goal for vanity, and now others are still working towards this goal as well.

    We've had to go through and clean up roles so frequently it's stupid, at this point we've had to remove bot roles, and maintain them individually throughout each channel just so they're setup properly

  • Koro

    Again, this will make an loading issue as this is a massive amount of stuff to load and not to corrupt while loading.

    Discord is build on a flimsy backbone, and slow per user speed.

    Thats why im thinking this is not possible.

  • Etheri

    First of all, all the roles will only load if you open the server settings page.

    Secondly, no one is telling you you have to use that many roles on your server :) 

  • headshotsmc

    Please make it unlimited for roles this makes absolutely no sense as to why this is not a feature on a service that suggests that!

  • Azure

    Start a new one, i want this to happen too xD

  • SEN

    that is good


  • Austin

    I also run a large Discord server with nearly 2,000 members. It is a competitive gaming league with nearly 100 teams (and growing). We have roles for the teams to assist with scheduling and to know which player is on which team. We also have roles for Season MVPs and Season Champions and we have Staff roles for our various teams.

    As you may guess, we'll eventually approach that limit. We haven't yet, but I know that it's something down them line that may end up being an issue. I think that increasing the role limit for partnered servers, servers with Level 3 Boosting perks, or even server that reach a certain amount of members would be an awesome idea.

  • fido

    I run an Esports server where everyone is welcome to join and create a team. I use categories to create a " private space " for any team registering. However, 250 roles, and if we take league of legends ranks out, moderators and all that stuff, i have 200 roles to make good off. That is only enough for 1000 users! ( there being 5 on each time ) i really need a lot more roles then this! 

  • Rosie

    Make unlimited roles, but only as a feature for boosts.

  • Vincent Chambers

    I'd say upgrade to at least 500 for now. That will give plenty of room for users who need more than the standard 250. Unlimited would be even better.

  • Skull

    250 is very limiting. My server has been bordering around the max for quite a while, and it limits what we can do with the server. 500 would be nice, but 1000 would be even better. Roles are more stable now in general so updating them shouldn't come up with the nightmare of problems it used to with larger servers.


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