Discord is Eating a lot of CPU for some reason



  • QuoteMan

    I am also currently experiencing high cpu usage.

  • tonton_rally

    Same here ! Idle, without doing anything on discord.

  • dinahole

    Same here with the latest update even after closing window of discord it does not shut of program 17-18% usage with a intel 9700k

  • Greatnhc

    I have exactly same thing, it's actually eat 30% of my CPU, and slow all my other program.

  • AFN7

    Same here... %20 %30 percent. R5 3600 6 x 12

  • Stan

    I'm just going to chime in -- it started only today, goes up to 40% CPU usage when idle.

  • AFN7

    Its actually using more cpu than game itself... RL %15 Discord %20 :)

    Edit: Now its acting normal. Did not do anything to fix it.

  • TGF_Juicy

    I noticed mine eating 30-40% of my cpu and causing my stream to skip frames. I’ve been having stream problems for the last 2-3 days and only opened task manager to check my cpu last night. Going to try a full uninstall and reinstall but would love to know what’s going on as it seems I’m not the only one.

  • Dillarcu

    Same problem but it started a long time ago

  • AFN7

    Might be help to you guys..


    "Hi AFN7,

    Thanks for reaching out! The app shouldn't be using that much CPU for extended periods, though.

    For starters, can you head into your User Settings > Appearance page and make sure that Hardware Acceleration is turned on?

    If it's already on, or turning it on doesn't help, can you try a clean reinstall of the app by following the steps found in this article: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004307527? Make sure to close all Discord processes via Task Manager and double-check those AppData folders shown in the article, as well as turn off your antivirus and firewalls before reinstalling.

    If that still doesn't help, can you try these pre-release versions of the desktop client instead?

    Public Test Build (PTB) version: https://discordapp.com/api/download/ptb?platform=win
    Canary version: https://discordapp.com/api/download/canary?platform=win

    Also, to help me isolate the issue, are you in a fairly active server with lots of images and/or constant chats being sent? Does this also happen when using voice chat, or even when not connected to voice?

    Kindly keep me updated here!


  • The Arcane Brony

    Just going to chime in, it happens to me (discord canary, hw acceleration enabled) too.
    I am in a lot of servers and it happens even on the friends screen. It is severely lowering performance of my system as i am on a lower end cpu, and discord eats 20-60% cpu on the Activity screen.

  • metroyanno

    same here. very high power consumption on my macbook even in the background. this's the main problem of discord

  • Itz DarkTrax

    Same here it takes most of my cpu even with my 4 core cpu. It makes me get FPS drops in games while having the app open. And sometimes the app does not open at all without killing the discord background proccess.

  • linkztream

    For macbook pro I solved the problem by disabling hardware acceleration so it stopped using the discreet gfx. 

  • HannibalTC

    Disabling hardware acceleration also fixed it on a Mac mini and MacBook for us, thanks.

  • marcusquinn

    I prefer this workaround now, just create your own Discord WebApp with this Electron WebApp browser builder:


    Everything works the same, except no red Discord Helper (Renderer).

    Plus, tons of other similar apps to save from duplicate multi-tab madness :)

  • NRN

    @marcusquinn 's "fix" helped a lot reducing CPU load,especially while gaming. I didn't see higher spikes than 3% and around 400mb of ram. 

  • GeekJ

    Thanks @marcusquinn , this has worked incredibly well for me as well, glad you shared this with the community!

  • marcusquinn

    My pleasure! Big fan of the Electron browser & WebAppCatalog!

    Leave feedback on WebCatalog's GitHub if you have any more needs or suggestions for it, the developers are very proactive: https://github.com/atomery/webcatalog/issues

    Big fan of Discord too, I guess they just missed a trick here so I might try their app direct again sometime - either way - nice that we have options to keep the CPU from cooking.

    If you like that for Mac, you might also like these for similar CPU & heat optimising:




  • Schwifty

    Tried this software, and all I do is get an error when trying to install discord.


  • Schwifty

    Found the issue is because of the browser that it opens with, changed it to Chrome and it worked

  • marcusquinn

    Seems it's reported. The development is pretty active, is I imagine if its reproducible it'll be fixed pretty soon:


    Would look to be an Electron-only issue. I recommend following that bug on Github and when it's fixed, try Electron again, I find it much lighter and faster than Chrome based apps.

  • DynamoYT

    Discord is being **DUMB**

  • Armalyte

    This is still a major issue! Why isn't this fixed yet with any of the 100s of updates discord had meanwhile?

    Stop selling discord as a GAME voice chat when it's eating most of our cpu's.

    And any app that needs virus scanners and firewall turned off to install is a very shady app.

  • Sweeteavil

    I only have the CPU-Problem in a voice-chat. It starts with the chat getting very unresponsive and laggy but it does not stop at 40% CPU-usage for me. Discord does not seem to use all of my CPU-cores but uses one core up to 100(!)% starting discord its arround 10%, the longer the voice-chat is running the higher the cpu-usage climbs. Sometimes it starts climbing really high after minutes, sometime it takes hours to even get unresponsive. Strange thing is it does not seem to affect other programs and while in the voice-chat i can hear everyone perfectly clear no matter how unresponsive my discord-app gets. Randomly after it tries to eat up one of my cpu-cores it crashes and the whole problem starts again.

    I turned harware-acceleration on (which seemed to make it worse),turned it back off, tried to turn off different other options, none of that changed anything. After changing to discord_canary i though my problem was gone but i wasn't in voice-chats for long. Yesterday i had a long voicechat and didn't check the chat until i realised one of my cpus was at 100% usage (all others were idling at 2-5%) it took about 10-20 minutes until discord finally decided to crash.

    The problem started with some discord-update (not sure which one) on ubuntu 20.04, i changed to 20.10 (beta) but the problem persists (no change at all). I will try another display-manager, but i am not very positive, that this will change anything.

    Edit: changing the display-manager did not solve the problem but i changed something in the pulse audio (i'm sorry i don't know what i did anymore) and forgot to reboot, my discord died of high cpu-usage again after that. After a complete systemreboot my discord now seems to be working stable (none of the cpus goes above 40%, no crashing, no lagging).

    So maybe it's an issue with the pulse-audio?

  • Debiddo-duh

    with Linux builds we had much cpu usage while watch stream o when we speak, micro stuttering occurs on discord app, so  we need to disable almost all features to reduce it.

  • Esser

    tbh, I think discord is just a fancy version of chrome. Cause chrome does the same thing like taking up all the ram and cpu, and I have to have hardware acceleration off because it actually take up more cpu because i'm on an all amd setup, devs need to stop favoring nvidia and make amd gpus actaully good. (sorry for the rant)

    Edit: When I was screen sharing, discord was using 3gb+ of ram like wtf discord

  • Debiddo-duh

    Tested, Discord-Canary the issue is even worst. RAM goes from 200MB to 700MB after some time using the App.

  • Malice

    Well yes, Discord uses Chrome embedded. Just like skype and other web-apps do. The command-line arguments on those child processes pretty much explain it. If it weren't for discord's convenience I would absolutely not use it. Every single app has gone chrome-embedded these days. Sure it's less hassle for developers to make for cross platform, but it's absolutely horrible when it comes to resources. You're running a full fledged browser all because you need certain fixed functions. You could easily have listviews hosting server icons and friendlists, another listview for chat threads, and on native code the same would take what... 20~50MB memory? But every single electron app is now running their own master instance of chrome embed. Honestly it would just be better to run all those apps in the browser as tabs. That would take less space because it would use a single master instance.
    Apps that need to run in the background are using embedded browsers. Skype, discord, steam, slack and what not. and to boot chrome is a memory hog. Great choice for a platform. Because users have too much money to buy truckloads of RAM DIMMs yeah?

  • TheSpeedCuberFortGamerX3

    Try disabling it on startup


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