Discord is Eating a lot of CPU for some reason



  • Slion

    > Restarting the application does not help.

    Actually that's not true. Restarting the app fixed it somehow. 
    However just doing "Quit Discord" from the system tray icon was not enough.
    I needed to go in Task Manager to kill the process.
    Then just start the app again and the issue is gone it seems.
    Hope it won't creep back so often.

  • Andrew Witte

    I have the same issue 100% of the time if the app is closed. It happened on my old Win10 install & a clean install of Win11. It also happens after the app updates & restarts. Some Discord instance never quits & just sucks up a single core each time app is closed. It will stay this way for hours. Has been an issue for at least a year. Please fix.

  • Andrew Witte

    So I uninstalled and deleted all files in this path "C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Discord".

    It seems some Updater exe & cache file doesn't get removed when uninstalling.

    Also uninstalling Discord doesn't have any options to remove user settings. Guys come on... please fix the uninstaller at min so it actually removes everything so clean installs can be performed.

  • Eleazar

    A mi me sucede lo mismo, me consume un 70% de CPU incluso después de 5 minutos de haber cerrado Discord desde la barra de tareas

    Actualmente tengo Discord cerrado por completo y sigue consumiendo recursos


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