Add an ability to remove the "This server requires members with moderation powers to have Two-Factor Authentication" message



  • Racing Authority

    I have the same problem, I change phone frequently so I don't have two factors authentication enabled because I once risked to loose my account, and this is a business account so I can't risk that. Please add an option to opt out of 2FA and still be able to moderate the server. Thank you.

  • Elari Relanah

    I have this message stuck in my favorite server and its really restricting my view of whats happening in the channel, my phone doesn't internet well if at all so I can't have 2 factor authentication. Please help me hide or remove this.

  • [GSCH] Jairone

    The message is big, annoying, and has no way to reduce the impact.  It's straight unacceptable.

    My own suggestion would be to add more variety of authentication options, since there are people who don't use a phone for such things, and to include a minimize arrow on the warning.  These two steps would mitigate what is now a problem for people, without very much effort.

  • Alo

    Please let me get rid of this annoying box.

  • sixseven

    Yes. That's one annoying banner. I'm not even a moderator ... why do I even see the message.

  • Thomas

    Is this happening already? No issues setting it up, but on my terms. I don't want to be forced to download an app (I am never going to use except for this function). I don't have enough space on my phone. So either remove the message, or get alternatives for 2fa... 

  • HưngBốnTám(2k3)

    i got this annoying dialog box even if i'm not a moderator. Please add a (X) button to hide it.

  • Zergling_man

    Bump. I will never enable 2FA. I also have no interest in this obnoxiously large box. I'm perfectly ok with holding a position of moderation without actually being able to use the tools given; I just DO NOT WANT that big ugly thing pushing the channel list down as a consequence.

  • Star

    I'd like to hide it too.

  • KingJack

    holy sh** this UI has been effed up for a year, can a PM prioritize this? It's gotta be an easy fix

  • Death_Source

    I completely agree.

    What I believe the purpose of that message is, is to push users to using 2fa. 2fa on discord is honestly terribly done, and they haven't even gone around to fixing it, so I don't understand why they're still trying to get people to use it. Either that or the devs are lazy. Which is not a good excuse.

  • sandymeows


    Has anyone found a fix to this? Some people in my server who are not moderators are getting this message too. People should have the option to choose to 2FA or not. If anyone found a quick fix, please let me know. Already checked that member does not have Mod role, or that any other role wasn't given mod abilities. Help!

  • Nicholas

    I can't even remove it with uBlock. (I can with inspect element, but that only lasts until I reload Discord (and only works for those on the desktop website)).

    The best stopgap I have found so far is zooming out, and that's not satisfactory.

  • kobeee

    please get rid of 2fa for servers mods. its annoying and I hate it, so delete it, i beg. 

  • h4ckNinja

    Even after enabling 2FA, this huge banner is in the way. I am not a moderator in the server, I've enabled 2FA anyway, and the huge banner is still in the way.

  • Chris4Fun

    I don't ever plan to enable 2FA. For users that don't use a mobile phone like me, Discord doesn't give me a third option to sign in with for 2FA other than a mobile phone.  Please Discord remove the 2FA banner so that it doesn't take up almost half of the channel viewer column. 

  • Cats Are Awesome

    Yeah, add at least an X button like the quick switcher popup where you can close the message.

    It restricts my view of the server and it's channels.

  • snoop

    What, we can't remove that crap?  It takes 1/3 of the vertical space from the channel list, and this isn't something that concerns regular non-mod users. 


  • SMT

    On my favorite server where I am not a moderator, this message appeared, it takes up half of the server list. He gave me a nervous tic. Every time I go to discord, I see this message and my eye starts twitching. Every time after that, my day is ruined. I don't want to connect 2FA . I am not a moderator. I hate a man who didn't add a damn cross.

  • Shadess

    +1. This is fairly annoying and the user can't hide the notice themselves without succumbing to extra annoyances when logging in.

  • OxideFX

    For those of you that are still having this issue, be sure to triple-check all of your default role permissions AND your channel permissions on each individual channel (Or get your server admine/moderator to look into it). I was having this issue recently and after searching for hours I found that one of the channels that rarely gets used had manage messages, manage permissions and manage channel enabled for @-everyone. Once I removed those permissions on that channel the 2FA message disappeared for everyone.  

  • TheasIN

    It's been 3 years. Instead of fixing those UI screwups, they changed the logo to an uglier one (IMO) and added a PP man to a default server invite background. Good job, mates!


  • Iman_Oldie

    If that banner isn't removed I'll just remove Discord altogether!


    I don't have moderation powers!

  • Saturn

    How is such a simple issue that would take 5 minutes to fix still persisting 2 years later? C'mon guys. A close button. Just an exit button. The same button you have on every other banner and popup and literally everything else in your application. A 1 point story that could easily be snuck into any sprint. This is embarrassing.

  • spacemanspiff33

    This is so annoying, 2 years of people complaining and nothing has been done.


    I CAN'T even enable two factor to get rid of this annoying waste of space because my only number is a Google voice number and your 2FA won't accept it as a valid number.

    Maybe Guilded won't be so stupid.


    EDIT: To be clear, a lot of people in this thread seem to want 2FA disabled for moderators all together, I understand the need for this.  What I'm saying the devs need to do is give us the option to HIDE this gigantic waste of space.

  • Zergling_man

    You can safely assume Guilded will be just as stupid, if not worse. Strongly recommend getting into decentralised systems, because every centralised system must share the same fate.

    In this case, matrix seems alright. Definitely not perfect, but spaces make it a viable competitor, and it hardly considers itself finished.

  • Wellspring

    I too find it very annoying to not be able to hide this "Two-Factor Authentication" message.

  • Taenarius

    Discord, I get that I can't take moderation actions on this server and that doesn't bother me. Let me disable the pop-up so I can see the channels. That's all I want here, something that is not unreasonable.

  • siyelander

    Please do this! We have many community members asking for the ability to remove this box and they can become angry. It's showing for people who aren't even moderators... Will you at least give us a response to let us understand - an update? 

    Thank you.

  • Grantawon

    I'm not planning on being a mod so the box is very pointless and annoying.


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