Discord Screen Share is Very Low Quality/Mouse Cursor does not show.



  • Bearskij

    These are very important issues, especially that the mouse cursor is missing. There can be no real reason for it being missing either as all games that don't have a mouse cursor just doesn't render any so it will never be in the way. I'm pretty sure Discord does not want to listen to it's community on this though as it's a simple afternoon fix and the problem has been there for a long long time.

  • Decked Swift

    Yeah, I just want them to fix it is all. I can't even screen share to anyone and no one can screen share to me vise versa. Might as well remove the screen share if it's not even going to work properly, it sucks.

  • Collin_Thegamer

    EDIT: This hasn’t been an issue for me for months now. Make sure discord is updated and that you have a good enough internet connection. Also remember that you cannot share at a higher quality than 720p at 30fps unless the person sharing has Discord Nitro.

    Original comment: The mouse cursor on the screen share was a feature that was removed in a recent update. I've been missing this feature for a while now and I think I might have to go back to using Skype if the mouse cursor does not come back. See this thread that I've been following for a while now. -> https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360055733011-Cursor-on-screenshare-must-be-shown- 

  • Lukrayden

    I am having this exact issue! Right now, I am in a call with my friends, we're screen  sharing, and I'm trying to do 720p 60fps, as I have nitro, and this is way worse than 144p. Even my friend agrees that this is really stupid.

  • Wolforic

    So i have been having this issue a little more than 2 months now and i always contacted Discord and they always replied with either change user settings and etc... The problem is not from our side but it is from discord itself. I hate the fact that Discord still denies and keeps on trying to make me change my user settings when this problem is literally not located in the user himself.

    I have sent them multiple screenshots but they still keep on telling me to change my settings which in this case it never worked. They even insisted on telling me to download the PTB and the Canary version which the problem still occurs there.

    I have also updated all of my software/Hardware and the problem is still there. Me and my friends also tested everything and this problem like i stated before it is coming from Discord not the user. Let us all hope they see our messages and come up with a fix either wise i might just switch platforms and cancel my 10/month subscription cause at this point Skype is better Just saying!.

  • Hejsh

    My friends keeps having this issue all of the times, pixelated as hell even having nitro supported for higher framerates and their internet is way more solid than mine like 500/500mbits and still is heavily pixilated.

    For myself it's just quite good without even owning a good internet and just 100/10mbit upload speed


  • j e s s

    This is an ongoing issue as of now. There is no reason when I'm doing screenshare 1080p that looks fine on my end should look like 144p to someone on the other end. 

  • Mrdavid143

    I am also suffering from this.When I tried to live my rainbow 6 at 480p-15fps or 720p-60fps.It was completely pixelated when I moved around. It only focusd when I stopped moving. Even I share other games. It is same. I tried to uninstall the discord and download again(Because I think my version of discord is old or other issue. ). But that is useless.

  • Lyrcaxis

    I have Discord Nitro and people who view my screen still see it pixelated after some motion happens.

  • Brian Winn

    I am having the same issue on the Mac version of Discord. The cursor shows in "Window" sharing but not "Screen" sharing. Please fix!

  • Edwrd Newgate

    I don't even get replies back from Discord about it anymore. It's actually sad. Even have nitro quality still trash. Uninstalled reinstalled, everything is up to date. It just all comes out grainy after like 3 secs. 

  • chancedabs

    Unsubscribe from Nitro and do not pay anything to this trash company until they learn a little customer service and start addressing these issues

  • Meishel

    Bump.  This has been an issue for me for months.  I can stream to twitch @ 1080p 60fps no issues, but I can't do 720p 30FPS on discord?  People either get a black screen or 144p.  I've been thinking about getting Nitro, but now it's off the table until this is fixed.

  • kiwi

    This issue has been happening to me for as long as I remember. I bought nitro to unlock the 1080p streaming service so there is NO reason for it to be as terrible as it is. My friend, who doesn’t have nitro, streams in my boosted server and it looks way better when he does it vs when I do. I watch anime with friends and it’s 1080p on my end and it ends up being 144p for them! If I pay for a premium service there is NO REASON for the quality to be absolute garbage like it is. My PC is extremely well built and can handle immense pressure so I know it’s not on my end, along with this thread proving it is entirely on discord’s end. Fix this, for the love of god please fix this. It’s so tiring not being able to use the service you paid for the way it’s intended.

  • j e s s

    I've come to just assume this is an account by account issue. I've had several other issues with Discord that seem to be related to just my specific account and not everyone. I've been having other issues with screen share such as mic audio increasing when I join a stream or when someone in a call starts streaming. Something that effects quite literally only this account on this PC. I can log into another account and things work perfectly fine. I've just narrowed it down to an issue with accounts. I don't know how and why it works that way but if I can log into another account using the same PC and installation of discord and suddenly all of my issues with screen share and all of my issues with various other things just disappears, then it's clearly an issue with the account and not with the software. Which is still, Discord's fault, but I've given up any hope of getting a response out of them for customer service.

  • seppo

    I've cancelled my Nitro subscription due to this same issue. On a 150/150 fiber connection with i7-9700k and RTX 2080 Super, so shouldn't be a problem with either network speed or my hardware.

    Have no solution for this, but leaving comment here to "mark as unresolved"

    Cursor seems to work fine though.

  • hero

    Same problem here, longs more than 6 months. Nitro or server boost didn't help me.

  • Baggins|Darkwarrior

    I may be crazy but I wonder if this is directly connected ot the fact I always get outgoing packet loss on voice. I have tried multiple different voice servers as well.

    If I stream or voice chat on any other service it is fine.. this only happens on Discord. It is driving me rather insane having to repeat myself constantly or change my streaming platform.

  • Nikipikii

    Same here, been having this issue for more than a month now, after I changed to an AMD graphics card

  • j e s s

    Just don't use discord screenshare services. Don't use them. 
    I mean they can try to censor me, I don't think that they would but I'm just going to outright say it straight up. 
    Use kosmi, use literally any other method of screenshare. 
    It's not worth the hassle I have had to go through with these people to keep trying to fix issues I continuously have with their client. 

  • rikusen0335

    Same problem here. Cursor's works fine, but sharing screen with Nitro or server boost isn't work still. 1080p@60 looks like sometimes 144p.

  • DivineDecay

    Same problem. 720p@60fps is fine but as soon as I change it to 1080p or source either part of the top of the stream is blurry or just entirely where those watching might as well watch in 144p. This is regardless of the pc (with different monitors/aspect ratio) I'm using.

  • Sp!ffy

    I have Nitro and have tried everything.
    Going Live at Source quality, 1080p 60, 1080p 30 and 720p 60.
    It looks like garbage.
    Then I fire up OBS and stream to Twitch at 3440x1440 60 and it’s buttery smooth and almost no compression artifacts.
    Discord needs to heavily increase bitrate, if they want to charge 120$ a year to stream at “high quality”.

  • Girutox

    Have you tried increasing the BITRATE in your VOICE CHANNEL?. For me, it was at 64 kbps by default (it also depends on the level of your server), we were experiencing the same issues until we topped it.

    (The image is from a spanish installation of Discord)

  • Sp!ffy

    @Girutox, all channels on my server are running 128 kbit/s. Still no difference. That bitrate settings should only affect audio-quality.

  • Baggins|Darkwarrior

    Sadly, we have about 20 people on our server who regularly do screen share/game streaming and no one else has an issue with pixilated streaming.

    Well, slight lie. One person also has this issue but his internet has only just surpassed dial up so this is not surprising.

  • Basbas192

    The status of Discord streams is completely pathetic.
    Nitro user here with with 600mb/s download and 500 mb/s download
    And yet the streams are ALWAYS complete pixelated garbage. No matter the setting used.

  • Max

    Same here, going to cancel nitro I guess :(

  • Decked Swift

    I have not checked on this in a while, I check this every now and then although.

    So far the only things that have been fixed(for me at least) have been the mouse cursor shows up. 720p 30FPS, 1080p 30FPS, 720p 60FPS, 1080p 60FPS streaming resolutions aren't like less than 144p anymore. However, 480p streaming quality IS STILL HORRIBLE. It's like this for all my friends too, every resolution above 480p is fine. It is not internet speeds, it is not the bit rate of a voice channel.

    It is not fixed for private calls using the screenshare feature either. 480p 30FPS used to be fine and look like 480p like normal. It was one update from a long time ago that broke it and it STILL has not been fixed.

  • Bubbles

    Try in advanced settings turn off hardware acceleration ;)


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