100 server Limit (2020)



  • hexagon8899

    agree fully

  • THEBrotherHolmes

    Especially for people that their work relies on social networking.

  • Aenistris

    I fully disagree with this. It's incredibly hard having active (genuine) members on the server. Yes, it can be done, but for smaller servers it's difficult.

    It's really frustrating fighting for activity while members spread themselves thin across 100 servers. Irritating at best.

    I'm only on 5 servers, and feel that 100 is way too much. It should be restricted to at least 50 maximum, not 100.

  • Aenistris

    I can see I was downvoted massively, but let me add onto this.

    Can you actively reassure me that you'll post in 100+ servers consistently daily, or even weekly? I can barely keep up with 3.
    I'm not specifically interested in having to mute hundreds of servers that I'll check up on once a year.

    I just fail to see the logic behind having multiple of servers that most members actively ignore. My argument behind this is that if I joined 100 servers, I am 110% ignoring at least 95-97 of those servers.

    I'll be a dead weight member that does absolutely nothing on your server, which is my main argument. Almost 100% of the members on our 500+ member server are active daily. We have over 50+ voice channels that are used almost 24/7.

    When I join big servers I see so many voice channels and only a few are being used at a time. I don't see over 50+ people spread across 10-20 different voice channels unlike our servers. We might be smaller, but we're more compact.

    That's my whole reasoning and point of view on people being restricted to the amount of servers they can join.

    Honestly and truthfully, I think the real limit should be 20 or less.

    I realize I'll be massively downvoted again, I just hope people will consider that the 70+ servers that they're in that they literally don't post in even a quarter of them. You most likely don't even check at least 10 of them a day.

    That's my whole point.

  • social

    You're being down voted because this is a thread about and people who can't do something that's important to /them/, a huge group of people, and you think you should come here and tell us it's not important to you. That fact is irrelevant and coming here and forcing your irrelevant point of view is rude. Your point sucks.

  • NathanBoyz

    I feel like the limit could be increased to 150 or 200 for Nitro Users or at an increasment over your registration time. I am currently moderator and working part time on Discord server, bots,etc. and having the limit increased would help me alot personally with work.

  • AFAK

    I agree. Increase the server limit. At least for Nitro users, as mentioned above. 

  • dawsongfg

    That's more of a pay to win, to be honest. Except not winning.

  • SniperShiva

    Honestly, I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the limit.

    Aenistris while I understand your point about the limit allowing servers to be more active, I have to refute this because if you really want a server to be active you can just limit the maximum server count to 1. Boom now everyone will be active in that one server they are in. Obviously, Discord would never do that to its members though because that is counterintuitive to its purpose, but you get my point. Your point of if I check more than 10 daily may stick on me, but thats also because i am terrible with social media aside from insta. So should I not have things like a youtube account or a Twitch or a facebook or a reddit? Because I dont check them every day. I dont watch every video every youtuber's im subscribed to releases, so should i not be subscribed to them even though they have content I do enjoy? 

    See the thing is I feel like the limit harms servers in the end. I follow a bunch of Twitch streamers and join some servers to play games with them when I catch them online. Many of my servers are ones I join so I can be notified when a particular streamer goes live. I have a few smaller personal servers too, but overall I'm not too active on Discord aside from when I'm playing games. I feel the limit harms my interactions with smaller streamers as I'm constantly being forced to pick and choose my servers, which honestly sucks. Like I want to keep the servers I like instead of being forced to find one to leave when I find a new streamer who I am interested in. This can cause me to lose out on future interactions with those communities which  I feel is harmful to my experience with Discord as a whole.

    Truth be told, I struggle to see the point in having the 100 server limit anyways. There shouldnt be any issue in assignng extra groups to accounts. I mean... I suppose server space can be problematic if everyone was in like 50 servers with like 10 people. But I dont realistically foresee that as an actual problem. I think the people who would actually be pushing the limits are people like me involved in many communities like those related to Twitch streamers. Some of which yes will primarily be involved in only a select few of those servers. I personally like taking a lot of clips on Twitch from streams and posting them on their Discord servers. and that may be all i do in some of those big servers. Some only come onto some Discord servers for information about things. Discord servers have many uses and so to limit servers like that is kinda pointless imo. 

    I really think 

  • AliTheKing

    + 1
    I just hit 100 servers after 2 years.
    This at least should be something for Nitro subscribers or discord Developers if not everyone.
    Maybe have an application to have your limit increased.

  • PHPHPH2000

    I just hit 100 servers after 2 years.

    ... and me after 5 days xD

    is pretty annoying that if we are on 99 and then we add 1 but we have other 9 tabs opened, once we click join you show us that, instead of a message "you already joined previously" or "you reached the limit" ... this mean we always need to remove, transfer and join. is simply a waste of time! (especially due the fact that i need to do this every 3s), even if i remove 5 server 20s before. if we batch join, is just a shit this 100 limit or better this error panel once we want to join. such problem is not available if we join directly via chat.

  • 𝗚𝗮𝗹𝗲🇭🇷

    Yeah the 100 cap should be better, I think that we should be allowed to be in atleast 200 servers if not maybe even the cap removed.

  • Zamrod

    I use discord partially for news from various organizations in addition to discussion. I join servers for various video games, apps, and a local gaming store. Most of these have announcement channels that I want to get new posts from to know when patches happen or when important events are going on. I hit the 100 limit and now need to constantly decide which server I like the least every time I run into a problem with a game and their official support is in a discord channel.

    Please remove the limit.

  • Lawasoft

    This 100 limit is overdue for an update, make it 250 for just users and add maybe limitless for a fee?

    I have had to delete groups om a weekly basis because I found a new that is interesting right now and I already topped out 100, at the time I have been looking around for a way around it.. even considered doing bad things, come on let it be up to use users how many groups we wanna be in. I hang on twitch a lot.. and all streamers have their own group, you are running over 100 fast.. when fining new once that stream fun things.


    hey i need discord nitro


  • MrMarcello

    It seems the reason why the limit has not yet been increased is because of performance issues. However, nowadays, most medium-to-high end PCs can easily manage. I understand people with a low-end PC would have a heavy performance impact if they added 200 or 300 servers to the discord app. This is why I believe this should be an optional feature that can be toggled on or off, which should also include a performance warning.

    So when you reach the 100 server limit, the warning should include an option to "raise the limit," with a performance warning in case there's a user with a low-end PC. I think most people here can agree that we are not asking for anything crazy, but rather just a moderate increase to roughly 200 to 250 servers. At least until the app improves enough to raise the limit again in the feature.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind if this was a Nitro-only perk as long as it was introduced. Having 100+ servers means you use discord a lot, and raising the limit would make Nitro quite more attractive for these types of users.

  • kay9d

    I'm a community organizer and have to choose what servers to leave on a daily basis, with a text file of server invite links to "bookmark" the ones I need to get back to for certain demographics. This limit is insanity, I'm a nitro subscriber.

  • 🌈 Carly70 🌈

    Discord limit should be gone or set to 200, I mean, Yeah, Like hell anyone is going to be active in any, But if your a Nitro user, Your server list gets so full so quick, Thats one of Discords actual selling points, Nitro, For the use of custom emojis in any server , There are 1000's of Discord servers, Just for emojis, Non Nitro users, Sure they can be capped out, They are not joining a bunch of servers for the sole purpose of emojis, I pay for Nitro for the sole purpose of Emojis amd  im in 100 servers, 90% for emojis, And I know there are more than just 1% of Discord in a large amount of servers just for emojis

  • h4mx0r

    Nitro sub speaking here... Increase the limit or be done with it.

    At the very least, create some sort of archival feature where maybe I can 'deactivate' my membership in a server, but reactivate it without finding the link for it again. If you guys have some random arbitrary reason for limiting our membership count, maybe that's a compromise of sorts.

  • isaacool

    It should be for everyone! not just nitro users, but nitro should have an extra boost. so for non-nitro it should be 150 servers, and for nitro, it should be 200. 

  • Kyle_

    /agree on this one. It's useful to be on folk's discords just to be able to find information later. Having to go find an invite to the server again just to ask a quick question would be a huge faff.

    I only stay active on the three at the top of my servers list. But the rest, I see no reason to leave them. There's no expectation that folks need to be active on discords they join. Heck, I'm on one for, like, a random developer whose games aren't even out yet, what are we gonna say?

    The 100 limit seems arbitrary. If it's causing server stress on Discord's side, fair enough, but if it's just local then that's up to the user.

  • -Ghost

    Hey discord high time increase your server limit pls i beg you , gave us a whole new look to the app but still did not increase the major thing in the app which is server pls for god sake increase it to 200 pls

  • isaacool

    I use a site called pxls.space, It a site with geopolitics and factions that fight for land, each faction has its own discord server, if I were to join all the factions that I ally with then I'd have little to no room for any other servers.

  • ArnavZedion

    To track read and unread messages, each message is duplicated to all the server members (duplication is an oversimplification, a one-to-many relationship is created). Imagine a message being duplicated 100K times. Increasing the limit may affect the reliability of the system. 

  • inkublu.

    Aenistris I think the problem is you don't understand that people don't use Discord in the same way to you - some servers serve a utility, but you don't need to be active in them. Some are communities that one likes, but wouldn't want to be active in
    I'm in so many servers that serve a specific utility or are to do with a specific website, game, or something else, particularly for Wikis, but also other things - also, sometimes there are older servers that people want to stay in because they mean something to them, or serve as an archive that they don't want to be lost. The limit is just annoying and has over the years meant I've had to leave places I really didn't want to.


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